Hi everyone!

My name is Sandra and I’ve been in love with the on the go feeling since forever! There is something unique and magical feeling each time I pack for my next destination.

Like everyone else I had a pretty normal life, going to school and following all the steps in life. However, I always felt that something was missing out and I wasn’t able to realise what it was for many years until I started traveling.

Some things about me:

  • My favourite place on the entire planet ever is…I know cliche but is Bali!
  • I am 25 years old.
  • I love coconut vegetarian curry. I could eat this 3 times per day easily.
  • In my free time, I cook, travel and read.
  • I don’t like romantic comedies.
  • I love cats.

PS: You won’t see a lot of photos of me. Most of the time I am behind the camera!