7 Things to Do in Nashville TN

Nashville, also known as the “Music City” is the wonderful capital of Tennessee and one of the best places where you can plan an urban weekend escape. Immerse your senses in music, bar hop, explore the rich culture and history, and most of all, connect to the soul of the city. If you don’t know where to start I’ll help you plan your 3-day Nashville itinerary, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your adventure.

1. Visit the Grand Ole Opry

There’s no question about what the most famous tourist attraction in Nashville is. The Grand Ole Opry is a venue located at 116 5th Avenue North that hosts live performances every Friday and Saturday. Artists from all over the US have been delighting the audience here since 1925. Even though the genre of choice will always be “good ol’ country”, the venue also hosts performances for jazz, blues, or folk fans.

Grand Ole Opry - YouTube

Aside from enjoying an evening in the sound of the music, you can also take a backstage tour with a guide, so you can learn all there is to know about the work that goes into every show.

2. Embark on a culinary adventure

In order to cater to a population of 700.000 and a great influx of visitors, Nashville overflows with restaurants and fast food spots for every taste and budget. Local and international cuisine blend in harmony in order to bring the best experience to every gourmand. However, if you’re planning to dine at any big restaurant, make sure you call in advance and make a reservation.

Restaurant district in downtown Nashville Tennessee USA

Here are some of the famous Nashville dishes that you have to try and where you can try them:

3. Visit the Belle Meade Historic Site and Winery

If you’re into history, culture, and wine (yes, I think those 3 go together wonderfully) you will enjoy taking a tour of this magnificent property that dates back to 1807. The estate features an impressive interior, as well as 30 acres of land, a museum, a winery, and a restaurant where you can rest and sip on some wine after the tour. There’s even a 150-year-old chicken coop that was transformed into an ice cream and fudge shop.

If you enjoy buying souvenirs and gifts to take back home with you, the estate has 2 shops for souvenirs, home decor, apparel, jewelry, and much more, as well as an exquisite wine shop where even the pickiest wine lovers will find something they’ll enjoy. You can find more about this place on their website.

4. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Offering one of the best views of the city, this bridge connects East Nashville to Downtown. For pedestrians only, you can visit it at any hour of the day, but if you give it a chance after dark, you’ll get to truly experience the magnificence of Nashville’s skyline. 

5. Go on a shopping spree

There is an abundance of shops in Nashville, but everything depends on what you’re looking for. The local mall is great if you’re into big brands and fast no-fuss shopping, but Nashville offers so much more than that.  The Gulch, the urban heaven, is the local youth’s favorite for almost everything related to unique art, music, and collector items. West Nashville is the place to be if you’re looking for denim and gift stores. One of the stores I recommend for denim is imogene + willie.

East Nashville is the hot point for artists who sell handmade items, repurposed items, and vintage clothing. 

If you’re on a budget looking for treasures, visit the Flea Market. However, it’s only held one weekend a month, so you’ll have to time your trip accordingly. 

6. Take the Redneck Comedy Bus

The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour | Nashville, TN | Donnie King | Flickr

It’s a unique way to tour the city that you won’t forget for years to come. The 2-hour tour will take you to all the major landmarks of the city. The guides are not only knowledgeable when it comes to culture and history, but they will present everything in a way that is guaranteed to make you cry from laughter. Just make sure to reserve your spot in advance, as tickets for this tour sell like hotcakes. 

7. Bar Hop

Good music requires good drinks and a great atmosphere. Nashville has it all and too many bars to name. In fact, it would be so hard to choose where you want to spend your 3 days in Nashville, that you can purchase a “Party Tour” to do the job for you. If not, you can start with one evening on Broadway Street, one of the best locations to party in the city. Continue with Five Points or Midtown and discover the high selection of taverns, bars, and clubs. 

One thing is for sure. Before your weekend escape in Nashville, you must check the list of events and not miss out on the ones catching your eye, because there’s always cool happening in the city. Visit the official event website

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