Best Places to Go and Visit for Halloween

Halloween Pumpkins

Best places to visit for Halloween in the US & rest of the world

Halloween is a fun celebration not just for children, but for adults as well. Since we can’t really go Trick or Treating from door to door for candy, we can treat ourselves by traveling to interesting and spooky destinations in various parts of the world.

1. Bran Castle – Romania

Also known as Dracula’s castle, this spooky destination can be found in the heart of Transylvania. Dracula has been an unofficial emblem for Halloween for decades. Explore the perfectly preserved medieval structure, learn about Transylvanian legends and find out if there are any vampires lurking in the night.

The village around the castle hosts Halloween celebrations every year, for tourists around the world.

Bran Castle Romania

2. Salem – Massachusetts

The people that were murdered in the Salem witch trials in 1692 wait to tell their real stories for visitors every Halloween. The town hosts many family-oriented events, and others just for adults, for the whole month of October every year.

The event calendar is full of activities for every day, and aside from the regular Halloween themed activities, visitors can learn much about the history of this place from the guided museum tours. 

3. New Orleans – Louisiana 

Those who love to party will find New Orleans to be the perfect place to visit for Halloween. Thousands of people attend the parade, take spooky tours, carnival rides, and shop in weird locations.

New Orleans is known to have some shops that are a bit different, including Voodoo and Witchcraft shops year-round. Children are welcome here as well, and they can spend their time at the Children’s Museum, or at the Scout Island Scream Park, where child-friendly events happen during the day. After sunset though, the place turns into a terrifying adventure.

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4. Ireland

If you want to experience the origins of Halloween, you can head over to Ireland and celebrate the Celtic festival Samhain instead, the original holiday. You’ll be able to enjoy the Halloween you’re familiar with as well since here the locals mix things up.

Two of the best festivals you can attend are Spirits of Meath Festival (17th of October to 2nd of November), and Banks of the Foyle Halloween Festival ( 29th of October to 2nd of November).

5. Mexico

Another different way of celebrating Halloween is to join the Mexican celebrations for Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the dead), which starts on October 31st and lasts until November 2nd.

This celebration is already well known in American pop culture for the unique way that locals paint their faces in the Calavera style. Some of the traditions are similar to Halloween and festivals are held all over the country.


If you want to learn more about the history of this celebration and attend the festivals and events, you can book a tour specifically for this.

6. Hong Kong

New to Halloween, Hong Kong has recently found a particular interest in the spooky celebration, and even though they don’t follow the same traditions as Americans, they focus on parties and events that are sure to entertain even the pickiest tourist.

The locals love to incorporate characters from the East Asian pop culture in their costumes, such as anime characters. Aside from the parties at pubs, clubs, on the streets, and markets, Hong Kong has big events at Disneyland and Ocean Park.

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Wherever of these extravagant locations, you choose to visit for Halloween, you will have a wonderfully spooky experience.

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