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Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe, known in the western world as the land of Vikings. Today it’s considered to be one of the happiest places on earth, and how can it not be when this country is actually the birthplace of Lego?

Let’s look at some of the best places to visit in Denmark, including cities, natural retreats, and some unique places.

What to do in Copenhagen?

The capital of Denmark is an infinite source of fun for any adventuring tourist. The Danish are a nation that values happiness in its every form, and they never stay away from finding new forms of entertainment. I have to admit they’re quite creative as well. The Norse history of these lands is rich here, and you can explore it by visiting the numerous museums in and around Copenhagen.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is one of the most popular museums in Europe, with over a million visitors every year. At the top of the building visitors will enjoy a 360º panorama of the city, viewed through rainbow-tinted windows. The museum holds displays and installations from international artists. 

The National Museum of Denmark

Is the place where visitors, especially families can get immersed in the rich history of this country. They hold regular events here, such as story time for children, treasure hunting, and historical lectures from experts.

Other museums that might catch your eye if you visit Denmark are the Open Air museum, the Zoological Museum, Glyptoteket (history and art from antiquity to the modern times), and The David Collection. The Planetarium and the Experimentarium aren’t really museums, but they offer endless hours of fun for children and adults.

Since I am talking about history and art, the streets of Copenhagen brim with unique statues and architecture. The statue of The Little Mermaid, a character created by Hans Christian Andersen, can be seen close to the Langelinie promenade, where it has been resting since 1913 and has been the main landmark ever since. The exquisite examples of art through architecture can be seen when visiting the capital’s famous edifices, such as Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, and Kronborg Castle (the inspiration for Hamlet).

Copenhagen also offers many ways in which tourists and locals can enjoy nature and animals.

How old is the botanic garden in Copenhagen?

The botanical garden opened in 1870 is spread on over 25 acres and is home to 27 greenhouses and over 13.000 species of plants, some of them older than 200 years. One of the new attractions in the garden is the butterfly house.

Which is the oldest zoo in Europe?

Children and adults alike will enjoy the Copenhagen Zoo, which is actually one of the oldest zoos in Europe and houses over 3000 animals. Another place to visit animals is the National Aquarium, Europe’s most modern aquarium. Here you can get tours, interact with otters (which are probably the cutest animals in the world), learn about conservation efforts, and start fighting against water pollution.

Denmark Lego House

You can’t go to Denmark without looking for everything Lego. Thankfully, the biggest Legoland in the world is found in Billund. The Lego house is not actually made of Lego bricks, but it looks like it.

How many lego bricks are used at the Lego House?

Over 25 million Lego bricks await visitors of any age, where they can play in different experience zone, outdoor areas, eat at Lego restaurants, admire the gallery made of Lego masterpieces, and learn the history of Lego at the dedicated museum.

Lego Land Denmark

The Billund resort inspires the imagination of millions with its 25 acres of themed parks. There are rides, events, movie theaters, sea life explorations, a Native American village, safari, video game zone, and much more.

Mons Klint

If Copenhagen satisfied your urban fix it’s time to move on to a beautiful natural retreat which is only 2 hours away. Here you can sail a boat, do some scuba diving or snorkeling. Experienced locals offer hours long boat tours that will allow you to try all of these, including fishing in the Baltic Sea.

If you love camping under the open sky, you’ll be glad to know this is one of the best places to observe astronomical events. They even have a sky lounge. 

Have you ever wanted to be a paleontologist when you were little? Now you can, because Mons Klint has a geocenter where you can dig up fossils on your own.

Which is the largest forest in Denmark?

Rold Skov is Denmark’s largest forest and the most exciting one. Why? Because you can hunt trolls. Even if this forest is considered a sacred and magical place, I don’t mean the tiny creatures with colorful hair that children all around are obsessed with these days. This place has hundreds of strangely shaped trees that locals associate with the image of trolls. Many activities are available in the area for tourists.

If you’re a fan of the Viking history, then this is the place for you. Lindholm Høje is the richest historical site related to Vikings, where you can find artifacts and burial sites from the 5th century. There are even preserved remnants of a village that has been abandoned for 1000 years. After visiting the site you can head over to the museum nearby and learn more about its importance.

Denmark amusement parks

Aside from Legoland, which deserves the first spot on the list of amusement parks, there are several other ones that deserve to be visited. Since Danish love to have fun, it was only natural to create places for this.

How far is Dyrehavsbakkenis from Copenhagen?

Dyrehavsbakkenis is 10 minutes away from the capital and it has rides and relaxation areas.

Which is the oldest amusement park in Denmark?

Dyrehavsbakkenis commonly referred to as Bakken is the oldest amusement park in Denmark which was opened in 1583. Don’t worry, the rides were replaced, the oldest one being around 82 years old.

What is the most visited amusement park in Copenhagen?

The Tivoli Gardens has to be the most visited amusement park in Copenhagen, not just because of its convenient location, but because it offers rides for young and old, natural retreats, plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. Other parks are WOW in Billund, Faarup Sommerland, Universe, and many more.

I cannot end this list without mentioning the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and the Nyhavn district which are important parts of Danish history.

If you decided you want to visit this beautiful Nordic country prepare to leave a lot happier than you were when you came.

No matter what you decide to visit in Denmark you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest year-round!