What to Visit in Liechtenstein?

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Where is Liechtenstein located on the map?

The microstate of Liechtenstein is a small independent principality in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. Because of its location, this tiny country is a popular destination for those who enjoy winter sports, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

Is Liechtenstein expensive to visit?

The small country happens to be one of the most expensive countries in Europe, and because it’s not part of the European Union it uses the Swiss franc. Those who like walking might find it interesting to know that you can cross its width on foot in two hours, and its length in 6 hours. Knowing that, no matter if you’re walking across the country or not, here are the most interesting places to visit in Liechtenstein.

Places to visit in Liechtenstein

The tiny state is not for urban lovers, its beauty lies in the natural surroundings. There are 146 hiking trails in Lichtenstein, all the villages and towns being connected through them. The trails vary between easy and expert and it’s best to research the paths you’re planning on taking to see if they are suitable for your physical condition.

Walking through Lichtenstein will transport you to an Alpine fairy tale. Starting your hike from the Steg village will take you between mountain peaks and along clear streams. You’ll be able to admire the Gänglesee lake in which you can swim, and where there are barbecue and picnic areas.

People who are not afraid of heights and want to enjoy a beautiful view from up top can walk the Fürstensteig trail, that climbs to the summit cross of Alpspitz.

Beginners might find the Eschnerberg Trail more suitable. You won’t have to climb the peaks, but you’ll have a beautiful view of the Alps and pass through Lutzengütle and Malanser, which are prehistoric settlements. The trail is around 9 miles long, but there are barbecue spots available, as well as restaurants on the way.

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What is the capital of Liechtenstein?

The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz. It is not the place where tourists flock the most, but it shouldn’t be neglected either, as it’s a place full of history, that was built in the 12th century. This town is quite small and has a population of around 5400 residents, however, it has its own unique tourist attractions.

One of the most beautiful places to see is the residence of the royal family, the Vaduz Castle, which looks like something that came out of a Disney movie. Unfortunately, the castle can’t be visited, as it’s inhabited by the Prince of Lichtenstein and his family, but even if you admire it from the outside it’s still worth the walk.

Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

Another beautiful architectural piece that can be visited only from the outside is the Red House, built in 1338 in the Mitteldorf area.

For visitors interested in learning more about the history of this tiny country, the town has a few museums and tour guides available. The Liechtenstein National Museum houses 42 rooms with historical, cultural, and natural exhibitions, with the possibility of getting an English audio guide to accompany you on your visit. The museum has a small gift shop where tourists can purchase souvenirs..

Kunstmuseum is the Art Gallery of Liechtenstein that displays modern and contemporary art. It can be visited after seeing the Vaduz Castle since it’s in its vicinity. After strolling through the gallery, visitors can sit at the museum’s café to rest, before continuing their explorations. 

One of the most beautiful architectural structures in Liechtenstein is the Cathedral of St. Florin close to  Vaduz square. Even the ones who have a different religion (or no religion at all) must visit this beautiful historical monument, admire the stained-glass windows, the statues, and the surrounding area.

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Another castle that is very close to the town, about half a mile away, is the Schalun Castle, which is open to visitors. Even though the structure is in a state of decay because it’s so old, it will still give its visitors a breathtaking experience.

1. Balzers

Even though this is considered to be a village, the population of Balzers is not much smaller than the one of Vaduz, and only 6 miles away. As soon as you enter the village you can see Burg Gutemberg, the Balzers castle, perched upon a hill. Visitors can hike to the top of the hill and enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Unfortunately, the inside of the castle is closed to the public, but anyone can visit the building on the outside and its courtyard. 

2. Nendeln

This small village used to be a Roman settlement and you can even visit some of the Roman ruins that are still visible today. A particular thing to visit is one of the oldest pottery workshops, founded in 1836, Schadler Ceramics Workshop. In this charming place, you can buy handcrafted ceramics that you won’t find anywhere else. 

The whole village is surrounded by forest for those who love to take walks, and in the village, you can find plenty of taverns and pubs to relax in a rustic atmosphere.

3. Triesenberg

The biggest town in Liechtenstein is not densely populated but is one of the most beautiful ones, because of its location. Surrounded by alpine scenery, this charming town is set at an elevation of 3.300 feet over the Rhine Valley. The Walser Museum is the only place where tourists can really get a feel of the local culture because people who pick this location are all about spending time outdoors. 

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4. Malbun

One of the unique hiking experiences in Liechtenstein is the “eagle adventure hike”, offered by the Galina falconry in the village of Malbun. You’ll have the chance to observe a Golden eagle while it hunts, even take a photo holding the beautiful bird. The falconry also offers overnight stay and a restaurant at their location, which gives you the possibility to explore the surroundings even more, even take the chairlift to Sareis, at an altitude of 2000 meters.

Malbun is actually a great ski resort in wintertime, with great snow for both skiing and snowboarding, and family-friendly. The little ones can learn to ski at the Kinderland Malbi Park, which also has a daycare center for when the grownups want to have some fun by themselves. 

If you’re a nature enthusiast who loves the mountains Lichtenstein is definitely a place to explore!

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