How to Meet Other Lesbians While Traveling

Let’s be honest. Not everyone likes traveling alone all the time. Statistics show that women started traveling by themselves a lot more than in the past years, but a lot of them also love girlfriend getaways. If you don’t want to travel with someone that you know and prefer making new connections, I’ll tell you how you can meet other lesbians while traveling and have fun wherever you are in the world. 

Download a dating app

It’s the most obvious thing to do if you want a fling or to meet other girls while traveling. However, don’t feel compelled to make this your first option if you’re not single or not ready to mingle.

Dating apps can be tricky as well, especially when meeting a stranger in an unfamiliar place. Anyone could pretend to be someone else to try something unorthodox.

If you do choose to meet someone from an app, make sure you do so in a public place, with many people. Despite dating apps being used mostly for…well…dating, the LGBTQ+ community often uses it to make friends. 

Wondering what the best apps are? Here are some of them:

Facebook is another great way to date by joining groups focused on dating and making friends. 

Join rainbow festivals

It’s no secret the LGBTQ+ community organizes some of the best festivals in the world. They’re fun, colorful, and full of new people you can make friends with.

They take place everywhere in the world, in every season, and you can schedule your vacation around these events.

Different cultures organize events in diverse ways, and if you’re keen on joining, you should explore different parts of the world.

There are too many rainbow festivals to name, but here’s our list of the most famous ones worldwide:

Pride Month is celebrated with parades and events all over the world, so depending on where you are, make sure to check the local event calendar. Joining these, is the best way to make friends in the community or meet someone special.

Find the best clubs and bars

Every major city has at least a few clubs and bars where lesbians meet or that are gay owned, which make them the perfect spot to grab a drink, feel safe, and meet some people.

Depending on where you are in the world and how tolerant a country is towards the LGBTQ+ community, I they might be harder to find. There are two great directories you can use to find gay establishments, which are GayBar and ClubFly, but the second one only has locations from the US.

In this situation, your smartphone will be your best friend. 

Join a lesbian tour

More and more travel agencies offer tours specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community, and many of them are only made for lesbians, no matter if they travel alone or with friends/partners. If you travel alone and want to meet other people, you might have a wonderful surprise. 

What are the benefits of joining a lesbian travel group or a tour? First, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, and you might find the perfect conversation partner. You can be yourself while experiencing magical places, guided by experienced staff, and you might even be able to save some money by looking for the best deals. Here are some of the best travel agencies:

Become a volunteer

You can always lend a hand in the community while traveling domestic or abroad. There are many rainbow organizations who would love to have you on board as a volunteer. If you travel as a student, for example, and you plan to stay in the same place for a while, volunteering for an LGBTQ+ organization will give you experience and will also help you meet new people. 

You can also volunteer to work for an upcoming Pride. It will be fun, it will teach you new skills, and you’ll get to meet tons of fun people, maybe even your soulmate or your best friend. 

The most important thing when trying to meet other people is to not hold back. Don’t be shy, put yourself out there and communicate!

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