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Incredible Beach Tulum

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If you are looking for a relaxing yet interesting experience, Tulum in Mexico might just be the perfect destination for you. Here you can find both beautiful beaches and historical sites that will charm you from the beginning. Plus, there are plenty of activities you can join in as you explore this beautiful, coastal town from the Yucatán Peninsula. Let’s look at the best ten reasons to check out Tulum next time you want to take an unforgettable trip!

Discover the incredible Mayan ruins

Mayan ruins Tulum Mexico

If you like historic sites, Tulum can spoil you with some astonishing Mayan ruins that will take you back in time. You will find some impressive ruins on the northern side of the Tulum beach, sitting on a cliff that appears as if they are guarding the beach area. As you explore more, you will come across the Coba Mayan ruins, which are even larger than the other ones. It will make for an interesting hike as you go to the Coba ruins but, you can use a bike to save yourself some time as well.

The ruins in Tulum are the third most visited in Mexico, with over two million tourists each year. And this number is increasing as more people discover the beauties of this Mexican region. 

And if you want to explore around Tulum, you can go for a two hours drive and reach Chichen Itza. These ruins are not only breathtaking but they were also named one of the Seven Wonders of the World! This could make for a fun and exciting day trip around Tulum. 

Relax on beautiful beaches

One of the main reasons people choose to go to Tulum during their vacations is the beauty of the beaches in this area. You will want to relax all day on the soft sand and maybe dive for a swim in the clear waters you will find here. On top of the natural and beautiful beaches you can find here, Tulum went through many changes in the past ten years. So, you will find both modernized beaches and wild beaches in Tulum, which satisfies all kinds of tourists.

Beach view in Tulum Mexico

You will also find plenty of cocktail bars on the beach if you want to try an ice-cold drink while you listen to the waves and catch some sun. These beaches are perfect for admiring sunsets and sunrises as well as taking stunning pictures. The beaches in Tulum are great for a romantic escape with your significant other but also a family vacation. 

Explore the unique local wildlife

For those who are attracted to unique wildlife views, Tulum has plenty to offer.

The wildlife in Tulum will also give you a bit of an adrenaline rush, considering that you can find many species such as scorpions and jaguars.

You will find all types of animals in caves, trees, and beaches, so you will have to be aware of the potential of such encounters. Even on the Mayan ruins, you have the chance to spot some stately iguanas that give a wild vibe to the old and impressive walls. Other common animals are spider monkeys that explore the area swinging from one tree to another and crocodiles that hide in lakes.

Iguana Mayan Site Tulum Mexico

If you are attracted to birds, Tulum offers you some great spots for birdwatching. You will find colorful and cheerful birds that you can admire for as long as you want and they will enchant you with beautiful trills. There is something for everyone in this area of Mexico. 

Explore hundreds of cenotes

Cenotes are common here and can be very inviting for those who like snorkeling and swimming. In Tulum, you will find some of the most beautiful cenotes from all over the world, and you can explore them as you please. Hundreds of underground cenotes will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will talk about for a long time.

Cenotes Cave in Tulum Mexico

A cenote is a hole you can swim in, with water that comes from underground rivers. You will find the best cenotes in the north area of Tulum and, there is plenty that is worth checking out around this town as well. Some cenotes are above ground too, besides the underground ones but, naturally, the underwater ones will give you a more interesting experience.

Each cenote will offer you a unique experience and, you will most likely want to try out many of them to get a complete vibe of such an exploration.

When you explore cenotes, you can do that by swimming, snorkeling, or even diving. It all depends on your skills as well as how adventurous you want to be. And the world you will discover underground is simply breathtaking!

Taste authentic mexican food

Street Food Tacos in Tulum Mexico

We know that Mexican food is delicious but the specialties you will find in Tulum are definitely over the top. You can find fancy restaurants to dine at as well as tasty and budget-friendly street food that you have to try.

Seafood, in particular, is highly appreciated at the restaurants you will find near the beach areas of Tulum since the fish comes straight from the sea.

From the wide variety of street food that you can find here, tacos tend to be the most popular as they are easy to eat on the go, extremely tasty, and filling. Plus, you will not have to spend too much on such dishes and it is an ideal option for those who are visiting Tulum on a tighter budget.

Street Food Tortillas Mexico Tulum

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you will also find many options to choose from here. There are affordable cantinas that will offer you delicious Mexican food as well as smoothie bars for more specific preferences.

Everyone can find delicious food in Tulum, regardless of their diet as here there is a place to eat for everyone.

For those who want to try other food but the tasty, traditional, Mexican dishes, there are restaurants with an international specific as well as plenty of Italian places to enjoy a great pizza or pasta. Some restaurants are situated even in the jungle areas so, you can have a unique diving experience, surrounded by wildlife.

Go shopping for unique souveniers

If you are a fan of shopping, Tulum has many interesting alleys where you can buy almost everything you are interested in. You will find beautiful and unique souvenirs that you can bring home with you or simply purchase for your pleasure. In the shops of Tulum, you will mostly find traditional Mexican accessories such as ceramics and decorations that are representative of the history of the place. But you can also find fancy clothes and accessories that will add a Mexican style to your wardrobe.

Mexican Man Working on Ceramics in Mexico

There are interesting products that are handmade and will look beautiful in your house when you go back home. As far as the prices go, there is something for every type of budget. It will be difficult to resist the handmade jewelry you can find here as they are extremely stylish and very affordable, so you might get several of them.

Recreate through yoga

There is no better time to recreate the connection with yourself than during a vacation, away from your daily, hectic schedule.

Many people who enjoy yoga, head to Tulum as these are the perfect conditions for such a relaxing activity.

Here you can get a vibe of the Mayan spirituality, which will add some depth to your yoga sessions.

Yoga Spot in Nature Tulum

As for where you can do yoga, the answer is everywhere. You can join a local yoga class or simply enjoy your yoga relaxing techniques on the beach or in a beautiful nature corner. If you choose to join a local yoga class, you will discover plenty of traditional techniques regarding chakra meditation and you will gain knowledge about holistic treatments as well as how you can make the most out of natural ingredients to improve your health. All this information will be precious knowledge that you can take with you back home and use to make a better life for you and your loved ones.

Visit a charming lagoon

Who wouldn’t be attracted to experience a magical lagoon such as Kaan Luum? This place is one of the must-see places while you are in Tulum as you will discover some impressive sites. This lagoon is situated just outside of Tulum and it is very easy to get to it.

Kaan Luum Sunset Tulum

Inside this lagoon, you will find one of the most incredible cenotes in the area that is about 80 feet deep.

Besides the amazing views, you will see here, locals believe that the cenote comes with healing properties as well. The mud here might help with alleviating different body aches and, even if these are rumors according to the locals, you might still want to give it a try. The water in this lagoon is chillier than the one at the beach so you will get a complete change of scenario that most likely you will appreciate!

Embrace nature and biosphere

Si’an Kaan is a protected biosphere that will impress you with interesting plants and animals that create a natural paradise. You will find this amazing place in Tulum and it is one of the best places you can visit. Here you will find hundreds of species and the area is considered to be among the most ecologically diverse places in the world.

Sian Kaan Tulum Biosphere

This biosphere is essentially a huge park that is double the size of Rhode Island. You will find big reefs as well as beautiful animals such as pumas, jaguars, or ocelots. The variety in terms of animals and plants is simply impressive in this area. You can even find over 300 types of mosquitoes in this biosphere and, while most people are not fans of mosquitoes, their diversity here is still impressive.

Exploring the biosphere in Si’an Kaan could easily be a few hours’ expedition that you will most likely love to share with your friends and loved ones. This is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and diverse lagoons in the world so you can’t miss it if you find yourself in Tulum for your next vacation!

It is a budget-friendly destination

There is no need to spend a fortune when you explore Tulum, Mexico. There are fancy beach resorts in Tulum that will charge you $500 a night but, there are also much more affordable options where you can still get impeccable conditions. You can choose from many hotels and hostels, even all-inclusive hostels, and save some money on the accommodation.

Tulum Bungalows on the Beach

On the northern side of the Tulum beach, you can find many public spaces to enjoy the beach life and nature around it. And the same goes for food as there are both fancy restaurants and cheap yet delicious street food to try out. However, keep in mind that, if you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation, you might not find it right on the beach. There are hostels though, that are within walking distance from the Tulum beach so you will still get to the beach in minutes.

So, you can establish your budget for the Tulum experience and chances are that you will most likely find both accommodation and food within your budget.

Stay safe in Tulum while following these simple steps.

Final thoughts

You might have even more personal reasons to check out Tulum, Mexico but the beauties of this place remain the main reasons why people decide to visit it. Tulum has everything you might be interested in and, it is ideal for single travelers as well as those who want to go on a family trip. Get as much research done before you get here though because this is not the kind of trip that you can put together at the last minute. You will get all the help you need from locals while you are in Tulum but, the best hotels and hostels tend to be booked most of the time so thinking ahead is the best strategy.

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