10 Things to Do in Avalon, NJ

With a year-round population of around 1,200 residents, Avalon is known as “Seven Mile Island,” offering a unique retreat along the stunning Jersey Shore.

Originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans, the area saw its first permanent settlements in the late 19th century. Over time, Avalon evolved into a popular summer resort destination, attracting visitors from near and far who were drawn to its captivating beauty and refreshing ocean breezes.

Avalon is known for its pristine beaches, earning accolades for their cleanliness and beauty. Stretching for miles along the Atlantic Ocean, these sandy shores offer an idyllic setting for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

1. Relax on Avalon’s Pristine Beaches

Avalon has 8 miles of beautiful, white sandy beaches that are perfect for lounging, soaking up the sun, going for a walk or swimming. The beaches are free and accessible to all who wish to visit.

2. Visit the Avalon History Center

Located at 215-39th Street in Avalon NJ this site provides an overview of historical records and artifacts which have been collected from local residents over the past few decades including diaries, photographs and postcards that provide insight into life in this area throughout history.

There is no fee associated with visiting this site which is open seasonally from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend from 10 AM to 4 PM daily except Saturday and Sunday.

3. Go Fishing or Crabbing

For those looking to get fishing and take advantage of Avalons’ abundant aquatic wildlife, there are several licensed charters available which specialize in saltwater fishing trips and can be found around the city.

One place I recommend is Moran’s Dockside which will provide you with all the fishing supplies necessary for a couple of hours of fun.

4. Explore Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary

A nature preserve located along 111th Street in Stone Harbor Nj comprising more than 300 acres featuring everything from sand dunes, wetlands, and coastal forest areas with assorted trails perfect for bird watching and nature photography enthusiasts alike with no entrance fee required though donations are welcome!

5. Play Golf at Avalon Golf Club

Offering a challenging yet manageable course complete with a pro shop offering all your golfing essentials such as clubs, shoes, bags, etc. Located highly visible South Beach Drive adjacent to county parkland making it easy for visitors to spot just across its wooden gates so you won’t miss it!

There is an applicable seasonal fee associated when playing rounds here also they hold several tournaments throughout the year check their website for updated information.

6. Go Shopping on Dune Drive

Dune Drive is the main street in Avalon, NJ and it’s a great place to shop for beachy souvenirs or unique gifts from local shops. You can check all the local shops in Avalon on this page.

Many of the souvenir shops have plenty of ocean-themed items such as t-shirts, sunglasses, hoodies, beach bags, and boardwalk-style snacks to take home.

7. Indulge in Water Sports

If you’re an adventure seeker looking for a thrill during your stay in Avalon then look no further than water sports! From jet skiing, and surfing lessons with trained instructors from Brightside Surf Charters or Island Water Sports to paddle boarding behind the surf shack at 3106 Ocean Dr., options abound for those seeking some fun on the water!

Prices vary depending on the type of activity and season but rest assured there is a budget-friendly option for everyone who wants to give sea life a try while visiting Avalon!

8. Visit the Wetlands Institute

Located on 1075 Stone Harbor Blvd., right across from Stone Harbor Beach in all its 4 acres glory lies The Wetlands Institute–this nonprofit organization focuses both on research about coastal wetlands conservation but also serves as an education center.

Entrance fees are $8 for ages 13 and up and $6 for ages 3-12 while children under 3 years old get free admission. All proceeds benefit wetland conservation projects around the state so don’t forget your wallet!

9. Take a Sunset Cruise

What would be better than cruising along New Jersey’s beautiful coastline at sunset? An experience offered by Mr. Dolphin Tours that departs from 9702 Atlantic Avenue in Wildwood Crest takes anyone looking out for adventure out into open waters.

The ticket prices range between $20–30/person depending on time slot availability making it the perfect opportunity if you’re itching to take out into open seas while feeling like King Neptune himself!

10. Dine at Local Restaurants

Avalon, NJ is a great destination for all types of food. For those looking for a casual dinner spot, The Yvette’s Cafe is sure to please. This local favorite has been preparing traditional American fares such as burgers and fries in addition to fresh seafood dishes and raw juice blends.

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