7 Things to Do in Blythe, CA

Blythe is a city based out of Riverside County, California. According to a 2020 census, Blythe is home to 18,317 people. It has been an American city since 1916, with its name coming from a wealthy businessman named Thomas Henry Blythe.

He received this honor after assuring water rights to the Colorado River for the southwestern region of California. Initially, he called the city Blythe city but changed it to Blythe.

The city is known for its agriculture industry and is one of the passing points if you wish to go to either Los Angeles or Phoenix. However, the city can get its fair share of visitors with the traffic, and having so many visitors needs attractions to keep them preoccupied.

Things to Do in Blythe, CA

1. Blythe Intaglios

Blythe is very close to the Colorado desert. When you hear the word desert, you would think of open land filled with dirt and no signs of life. If that initially comes to mind when you think of a desert, then Blythe Intaglios has a surprise for you.

At this location, carved into the desert are works of art left centuries ago by American ancestors. Of course, random carving in an open desert has been subject to debate throughout the years. Some claim that they are carvings from aliens, but the carvings are known to be manufactured by man. 

Overall there are 300 carvings on the ground. They were created by Mohave and Quechan to show off their love for the creator of life they called Mastamho.

Despite the many years they have managed to stand the test of time and make for good pictures, and an excellent story to tell your friends back home, and who knows if they were actually created by aliens instead of what history books say, then you can say you were the among the group of people to witness markings from aliens lifeforms. 

2. Palo Verde Historical Museum Society

Palo Verde Historical Museum Society Blythe CA Entrance
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The south, in general, is known for its historical roots, and that history only gets more enjoyable when you look at southern California’s history. This museum has been operating since 1991 and has a vast quantity of historical artifacts and relics related to the history of Blythe. 

Run by a board of seven local directors, the goal of this museum is to show pride and joy for the community and the area they call home. They even have a yellow jacket hall of fame where three athletes are inducted annually. The smallest cities are often the ones with the most history.

Learning about what makes Blythe particular can make you fall in love with the city. It could also be a good lesson for the children as they know more about American history and what makes every little special. 

3. Blythe municipal golf course

Blythe, California municipal golf course

Golf is a sport that many people play. Whether professionally or for fun, it is a joy either way. At the Blythe municipal golf course, they work to make sure their course is fun and competitive for people of all skill sets.

Whether you are just getting your feet wet in the game or playing for ten years, this course will appeal to you. Take a moment to get your kids into the game, show them why you love it so much, and make it another moment to view the city.

The course has many beautiful scenarios that could be why you hit a double bogey on the fifth hole. The jaw-dropping hills and mountains will have you distracted. Take time away from what would usually be a busy schedule to spend time with your family over a smooth, relaxing game of golf. It will be a bonding experience you never thought would happen. 

4. Todd Park

Every vacation has the objective to be a moment to blow off some steam, but sometimes, the little ones need an exact place to go. That’s where Todd’s park comes in handy. This park has an abundance of activities, open fields, etc. There is no end to the things your children will be able to find entertaining.

You can take them to the baseball field for a few batting rounds, then you go take them on a swing and watch them swing high into the sky, and if that has not tried them out yet, you can save the best for last. Todd Park is also home to a little waterpark that will be loads of fun with its various slides and pools. Of course, this is not a park for just little ones; this is a park open to all ages.

So if you want to take a dive in the pool or play on the baseball field, you can have equal amounts of fun. Todds park is an all-encompassing park that will help everyone walk away with a smile. 

5. Village Retreat Inc

Now that the children are tired, it would be the optimal time to make their way to the village retreat Inc. This retreat allows you to rest and soak in all that you have experienced up until now. They provide chairs and picnic tables that you can take the family to and have some bonding time. Talk about the new adventures, and speak about more experiences you hope to have in the future.

This retreat gives a healthy, quiet environment that you can use to enjoy your family and get closer to them. If the waterpark wasn’t enough for you, they have a swimming pool that will provide you a moment to disconnect and relax.

The staff is attentive and alert, always aiming to make your experience the best. So, after a long day around the city, take a load off, and enjoy the rest of your night. 

6. Garcia Restaurant

Garcia Mexican Food Restaurant Blythe, CA
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Bordering the Mexican country, it would only be fitting that in Blythe, California, they have a restaurant dedicated to Mexican cuisine, and they do not disappoint. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, look no further than Garcia’s restaurant. Whether you want to go more traditional with something like nachos or tacos, they have that, but if you’re going to sink your teeth into some authentic Mexican cuisine, then look through their menu and pick your choice.

Whichever food item you choose will most definitely leave you wanting more. Another good part about this restaurant is it is a local restaurant, so many locals frequent this location.

Get in touch with the locals, find out what is good, and get ideas of where your adventures should take you off next. This hotbed of Mexican culture is sure to leave you speechless and welcomed. Stop by, grab some food, talk to a local, get a feel for the area and make your way to whatever the day has in store for you. 

7. Emerald Inn Lounge

Blythe, CA Emerald Lounge
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This lounge, just like the word suggests, has a calm, laid-back environment that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Grab yourself a beer out of the many options they provide or take a leap with one of their cocktail mixes; either way, you will be satisfied.

Again this is another social hotbed, many locals visit this lounge, so the opportunity to make friends will present itself frequently. The music is fun, and the energy is always high. It provides you with everything you would want to find in a lounge.

Whether you are just looking for a quiet evening with friends or family or if you are trying to have a night to remember, this is the lounge where you can do both and not feel out of place.


Blythe, California, is one of those hidden gem locations. It’s a city that is just a melting pot of culture. Bordering Mexico gives it so many more advantages than most people would think. Walking into this city is like walking into a different world, but it’s a fun, energetic, vibrant world you may not want to leave after being there for a couple of days.

You could be on your way to Mexico, making a pitstop in what you believed was this empty city, but after a few minutes, you realize it’s a gateway.

Why go to Mexico when you have it right here? 

Blythe looks to teach people a new way of life. Instead of the crazy life that other tourist destinations may provide, this place offers more of an experience that focuses on culture, bonding, and building memories.

There is only one Los Angeles, but there are very few moments in cities like that to rest, relax and soak in your surroundings, it is always so fast-paced, but Blythe provides the opposite.

The chance to enjoy good food, good drinks, and good adventures and develop a deeper connection with your family. Either way, it will be a vacation that you will never forget. 

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