15 Things to Do in Casper, Wyoming

Nestled in the heart of Wyoming lies the charming city of Casper. With a population of approximately 60,000, Casper is the second-largest city in the state and serves as a hub for commerce, tourism, and outdoor recreation. Despite its relatively small size, Casper boasts a rich history dating back to the 1800s, when it served as a critical stop on the Oregon Trail and was a hub for the fur trade.

Today, visiting Casper you can explore the city’s Western heritage through a variety of museums and historic sites, including the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center and the Fort Caspar Museum. Casper city is also known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including world-class fly fishing on the North Platte River and skiing at the nearby Hogadon Ski Area. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventure, or just a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Casper is a destination worth exploring.

1. Visit the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

National Historic Museum in Casper WY

Located in Casper, Wyoming, the center serves as a gateway to the historic trails that crossed the region in the 1800s, including the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and Mormon Pioneer Trail. The center’s exhibits and interactive displays offer visitors a chance to experience what life was like for the pioneers who traversed these trails, from the challenges they faced on the journey west to the culture and traditions they brought with them.

The center also offers a variety of educational programs and events, including guided tours, lectures, and hands-on activities for all ages. And with its stunning views of the surrounding landscape and its proximity to other historic sites in the area, like Fort Caspar Museum, the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is a destination not to be missed.

2. Explore the Fort Caspar Museum

Fort Caspar Museum

When you visit the Fort Caspar Museum in Casper, Wyoming, you will be transported back in time to the frontier era of the American West. The museum is built on the site of the original Fort Caspar, a military outpost established in 1862 to protect travelers on the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express.

One of the main attractions of the museum is the reconstructed fort itself, which features period-accurate buildings and exhibits that showcase the daily life of the soldiers and civilians who lived there. In addition to the fort, the museum also features exhibits and displays that cover a wide range of topics related to the history of Wyoming and the American West.

3. Take a hike in Rotary Park

People hiking USA

A hike day in Rotary Park in Casper, Wyoming promises an enjoyable outdoor adventure amidst picturesque surroundings. As you embark on your hike in Rotary Park, you’ll be greeted by well-maintained trails and breathtaking natural beauty.

Throughout your hike, take advantage of the designated rest areas or picnic spots available in Rotary Park. These areas provide an opportunity to take a break, refuel with snacks, and appreciate the serene beauty of the surroundings. Capture memorable photos of the stunning landscapes and panoramic views that unfold during your journey.

4. Visit the Nicolaysen Art Museum

Nicolaysen Art Museum

The Nicolaysen Art Museum, located in Casper, Wyoming, is a vibrant cultural institution that showcases a diverse range of art and offers engaging experiences for visitors of all ages. The museum, often referred to as “The NIC,” has been a pillar of the local arts community since its establishment in 1967.

Housed in a historic building that was once a public library, the Nicolaysen Art Museum features a wide array of rotating exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibits encompass various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and mixed media. The museum’s curatorial team strives to present a blend of contemporary and traditional art, highlighting both local and national artists.

5. Take a tour of the Tate Geological Museum

Geological Museum

The Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming is a hidden gem that should be on every first-time tourist’s itinerary. This captivating museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of geology and paleontology, making it a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in Earth’s history and the incredible creatures that once roamed the planet.

Located on the campus of Casper College, the Tate Geological Museum houses an impressive collection of fossils, minerals, and geological specimens that showcase the rich geological heritage of the region. As you step inside, you’ll be transported into a realm of ancient landscapes and prehistoric wonders.

One of the main highlights of the museum is its collection of dinosaur fossils, including the remains of a magnificent Allosaurus, a fearsome predator that lived millions of years ago. Marvel at the size and detail of these impressive skeletons as you gain a deeper understanding of the incredible creatures that inhabited Wyoming long before humans walked the Earth.

6. Go fishing on the North Platte River

Fishing on Lake

The North Platte River is a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offering an abundance of opportunities to cast a line and reel in some impressive catches. One of the most popular spots for fishing along the river is the renowned Grey Reef. Nestled near Alcova, Wyoming, Grey Reef is a trout angler’s paradise, boasting a thriving population of rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Anglers flock to this section of the North Platte River in search of trophy-sized fish and the thrill of a challenging catch. With its stunning surroundings and impressive fish population, Grey Reef guarantees an unforgettable fishing experience.

Another top fishing destination along the North Platte River is the legendary Miracle Mile. Situated between Seminoe Reservoir and Pathfinder Reservoir, the Miracle Mile is famous for its impressive trout numbers and the opportunity to land some truly hefty specimens.

7. Attend a show at the Casper Events Center

Casper Events Center

At the Casper Events Center in Casper, Wyoming, a world of entertainment awaits visitors throughout the year. This versatile venue showcases a diverse array of shows and performances to cater to a wide range of interests.

Music lovers can revel in the excitement of live concerts featuring renowned artists from various genres. From the heart-pounding beats of rock and pop to the soulful melodies of country and the elegance of classical music, the Casper Events Center brings unforgettable musical experiences to the stage.

Comedy shows deliver side-splitting laughter as talented stand-up comedians tickle your funny bone with their wit and humor. The venue also occasionally hosts touring Broadway productions, allowing theater enthusiasts to indulge in the magic of captivating performances and captivating storytelling.

Sports fans can cheer on their favorite teams and athletes as the Casper Events Center welcomes sporting events such as basketball, wrestling, rodeo, and ice hockey.

Whatever your preference, the Casper Events Center promises an exhilarating and memorable experience that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next visit.

8. Take a scenic drive on the Casper Mountain Road

Casper Mountain Road

Embarking on a two-hour drive along Casper Mountain Road is a delightful adventure that rewards you with breathtaking scenery and a sense of serenity. As you leave the city behind and wind your way up into the mountains, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of nature and surrounded by towering trees, rugged cliffs, and sweeping vistas.

The drive begins with a gradual ascent, offering glimpses of Casper’s cityscape from a higher vantage point. Soon, the urban landscape gives way to open spaces and the tranquility of the mountainous terrain. The road meanders through pine forests, creating a canopy of greenery overhead and filling the air with the scent of nature.

Whether you’re seeking a scenic drive, a connection with nature, or an escape from the bustling city, a two-hour journey along Casper Mountain Road provides a rejuvenating experience. It’s a chance to unwind, appreciate the beauty of the Wyoming landscape, and create lasting memories of your time in this captivating region. So, buckle up, roll down the windows, and let the road lead you to an unforgettable mountain adventure.

9. Visit the Werner Wildlife Museum

Nestled in the scenic beauty of Casper, Wyoming, the Werner Wildlife Museum is a captivating destination that combines natural history with artistic expression. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1970, the museum has been a beacon for wildlife enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Named after its founder, James G. Werner, a local taxidermist and wildlife artist, the museum showcases an extensive collection of over 350 taxidermy specimens, as well as engaging exhibits and educational displays.

10. Go skiing or snowboarding at Hogadon Ski Area

Hogadon Ski Area

If you happen to be in Casper, Wyoming and are a snowboarding enthusiast, the Hogadon Ski Area is a fantastic destination to hit the slopes and enjoy a thrilling snowboarding experience. Nestled in the scenic Casper Mountain, Hogadon offers a winter playground for both beginners and seasoned riders alike.

Hogadon Ski Area boasts a variety of snowboarding terrain suitable for all skill levels. From gentle slopes for beginners to challenging runs for advanced riders, there’s something for everyone. The mountain features well-maintained trails, exciting terrain parks, and stunning panoramic views, making it an ideal spot to shred some powder and soak up the natural beauty of the area.

11. Visit the Casper Planetarium


If you have a curious mind that’s as vast as the universe itself, then the Casper Planetarium is a place you don’t want to miss! It’s a celestial haven where you can embark on an out-of-this-world journey, exploring the wonders of our cosmos with a touch of wit and charm.

At the Casper Planetarium, you can embark on cosmic adventures that take you from our humble blue planet to the vast expanse of the universe. Discover the secrets of distant galaxies, witness the birth and death of stars, and marvel at the awe-inspiring wonders that exist beyond our earthly realm.

But hold on tight, because this isn’t your ordinary planetarium experience! The Casper Planetarium knows how to infuse a dash of wit and humor into the mix, making your journey through space both informative and entertaining. Prepare to have your mind expanded and your funny bone tickled as you explore the mysteries of the universe with a smile on your face.

12. Take a guided tour of Casper’s historic downtown

Casper’s historic downtown is a captivating district that invites visitors to step back in time and experience the city’s rich heritage. Stroll along the charming streets and you’ll encounter notable attractions such as the Nicolaysen Art Museum, where you can immerse yourself in a world of contemporary and traditional artworks. Delve into the past at the Historic Bishop Home, a beautifully preserved Victorian mansion that offers guided tours and a glimpse into the lives of Casper’s early residents. For a taste of nostalgia, stop by the Wonder Bar, a historic watering hole that has been serving patrons since the 1930s. The Yellowstone Garage, housed in a historic building, combines shopping and dining, offering a unique experience for visitors.

And if you’re willing to venture just a short drive away, the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center provides a comprehensive exploration of the trails that shaped America’s westward expansion. With its eclectic shops, boutiques, and local businesses, downtown Casper also promises delightful shopping and dining experiences. From antiques to artwork, there’s something for every taste. As you wander through Casper’s historic downtown, you’ll be transported to a time of yesteryear, where the city’s vibrant past blends seamlessly with its present-day charm.

13. Take a hot air balloon ride

Hot air baloon

A hot air balloon ride in Casper, Wyoming offers a unique and breathtaking way to experience the beauty of the area from a bird’s-eye view. The duration of a hot air balloon ride can vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions and the specific package you choose. Typically, a hot air balloon ride in Casper lasts around one to two hours, including the time it takes to inflate and deflate the balloon.

The cost of a hot air balloon ride can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the ride, the company you choose, and any additional services or packages included. Generally, hot air balloon rides in Casper can range from around $200 to $400 per person. It’s best to check with the specific company you’re interested in for accurate pricing and any additional details about what is included in the package.

14. Visit David Street Station

David Street Station Casper WY city

David Street Station is a vibrant community space located in the heart of downtown Casper, Wyoming. The station opened in 2017 and has quickly become a hub for cultural and social events in the region.

The outdoor venue features a variety of amenities, including a large lawn area, a performance stage, a splash pad, and a skating rink during the winter months. The station hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from concerts and festivals to farmers markets and art shows.

15. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant

Comfort food

When it comes to dining in Casper, Wyoming, there are several local restaurants that offer delicious meals and a taste of the city’s culinary scene. Whether you’re craving comfort food, international flavors, or local specialties, here are a few popular options for a good meal at a local restaurant in Casper:

  1. The FireRock Steakhouse: Known for its mouthwatering steaks and elegant ambiance, The FireRock Steakhouse is a go-to destination for meat lovers. Their menu features a variety of hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and other delectable dishes, all prepared with top-quality ingredients.
  2. The Yellowstone Garage: Situated in a restored historic building, The Yellowstone Garage offers a unique dining experience with its blend of American and European cuisine. Their menu includes options such as wood-fired pizzas, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, and flavorful entrees, all crafted with locally sourced ingredients.
  3. Eggington’s: A favorite spot for breakfast and brunch, Eggington’s is renowned for its delicious omelets, pancakes, and Benedicts. They offer a wide range of breakfast classics, as well as lunch options like salads and sandwiches. Their cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.


In conclusion, Casper, Wyoming is a city that is often overlooked but holds many treasures for those who take the time to explore it. With its unique mix of Western history, natural beauty, and outdoor adventure, Casper has something to offer for everyone. From visiting the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center to skiing at Hogadon Ski Area, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the city’s hidden gems. And with the addition of community spaces like David Street Station, Casper continues to evolve as a destination that’s both fun and family-friendly. So why not plan a trip to Casper today? With its welcoming locals, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable attractions, it’s a city you won’t want to miss.

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