8 Things to Do in Lava Hot Springs

Lava hot springs, Idaho, is one of the smaller towns in the United States. Sporting a population size of 358 people, what it lacks in population density makes up for attractions and beautiful sites. 

Idaho as a state is well known for its nature and open plains, and Lava Hot Springs does not disappoint. As the name would suggest, it is home to several hot springs, which has made it one of the more popular tourist destinations within the state.

So often, people believe in the myth that rural towns have nothing to offer but a glimpse into the past years of American history, but lava Hot Springs does that and more.

Below we will discuss the eight things to do in Lava Hot Springs.

What to do in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

1. Lava Hot Springs

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Of course, a town called Lava Hot Springs would have a resort claiming the same name. This resort is where you will get the full grasp of the hot springs this little town has to offer, all while enjoying the other perks of the resort. 

These hot springs are odor-free and chemical-free, so you don’t worry about potential side effects. Dive into the relaxing waters that range from 112 degrees to 102 degrees (try to tell the difference) and get lost in another world. Also, with the help of their gift shop, you can find a lasting souvenir that will make this last a lifetime.

So bring your family or that special someone, and have the time of your life. 

2. Baker Ranch

Baker Ranch in Lava Hot Springs

Small towns are well known for their vast open land and farmland. Often people will see these incredible plots of land but do no more than look. Bakers Ranch tries to give you an inside look into the ranching world and what it’s like to be a rancher. This multi-generational ranch offers vast services to make your time spent there well worth it.

From horse-drawn wagon rides to going through snowshoeing trails. Compact with the active wildlife that has emerged on the ranch, there is no end to the amount of fun you can have. At first glance, a ranch may seem like a non-factor in a vacation, but it could be the best destination for a traveler. 

3. Lava Horseback Adventures

Lava Hot Springs Horseback Adventures

Lava Hot Springs has scores of animals and trails spread out throughout the town. Sometimes, it can be daunting to walk through all the trails and see the sites. That’s where Lava Horseback Adventures comes in.

With their immense arsenal of mules and horses, they aim to show you all the fantastic things that make up the Lava Hot area—taking you down multiple trails and giving you a firsthand look at the beauty of Lava Hot springs.

Hot springs can attract anyone for a short time, but nature and the scenario keep people around for the long haul. 

4. Lava Hot Springs Indoor Aquatic Center

Indoor Aquatic Center Lava Springs

Lava Hot Springs relies heavily on its abundance of water in the region, and what better way to use that water than in a water park. If you visited the hot springs and want to soak in more normal temperature water, this center is the place to go. Home to several long and fun slides, this park also has kiddie and community pools. 

Sometimes, meeting locals can be challenging in a remote and small place, but everyone needs an occasional dip in the pool. With you sharing that commonality, you will run into some locals who can make the experience feel less like a vacation and more like your walking into your hometown.

So take a dip in the pool, test your nerves, and go down the water slides, the fun is non-stop, and you and your family are sure to leave with a massive smile on your face hoping you can go back tomorrow. 

5. Lava Zipline

Lava Zipline Lava Hot Springs

Sadly, you were mistaken if you thought zip lines were only in jungle areas. At first, it may catch you off guard to see a zipline cable going through an open space like Lava Springs, but that is what you will see. This zipline is like an adrenaline rush you have never experienced before; if you thought you knew what fun that was before you got to this zipline, it would change your interpretation. 

The zipline is another chance for you to view the nature, animals, and farmland that make up this city but this time from a birdseye view. The staff has a professional background in ziplining, and the equipment is all state of the art and goes through rigorous maintenance to make sure that you as a customer always feel like you are in good hands and operating with sound equipment.

So take a ride on the wild side with this zipline and watch the hair stand up on your skin.

6. The Purple Moon

Going on a vacation can be a time of great fun and new adventures, but it also can be a time of reflection and getting closer to oneself, and that’s what purple moon aims to do. The Purple Moon is a peaceful environment where one can forget about their worries and get closer to themselves. They offer acupuncture treatments, but you can also get a tarot or a palm reading.

Then once you finish with that part of the building, they have a large assortment of spiritual artifacts that can help take what you may have learned into the outside world. They sell gemstones, candles, books, etc., all with the intention of better helping you find peace and calm in your life.

7. Blue Moon Bar & Grill

Blue moon Bar & Grill in Lava Hot Springs

Now again, the fun and excitement of this town is something that can keep you busy for days, but everyone needs some downtime. The Blue moon Bar & Grill combines music and good food to make you forget about your worries and what a good job they do. Their burger is a work of art, and their drinks will leave you wanting more. Their musical acts range from various genres, bringing in people from all walks of life.

The other good thing about bars is that they are a breeding ground for people to congregate without the music, so it would be another idea to interact with the locals and understand the area, its history, and culture. 

8. Dempsey Ridge Golf Course

The best way to end a vacation is to have a moment of peace and quiet, and that is what the Dempsey Ridge Golf Course attempts to provide. This vast and expansive course will give you the experience of being on an official PGA tour course. Not only that but it can give you some of the best views in the whole town. You are looking over the hills as the sunsets and the moon rises. 

This course will provide you and your family a moment of peace to wrap your mind around all of the adventures that you just experienced. Although some prefer to golf in silence, it can be an excellent time to talk about what you did, how much fun you had, and potentially plan the next time you come.

Dempsey Ridge Golf Course combines professionalism and pleasure to give you the best experience imaginable. After the first shot, you’ll hope you never make it to the last shot. That’s just how much fun you will be having.


Lava Hot Springs is a tourist destination that few people know about, but good things come in small places. Some people believe you need to travel to another country to experience the joys of hot springs without knowing they are right in their backyard. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a good time.

With Lava Hot Springs, you could have all the fun you could have in another country at a discount. With its small population and relatively unknown status, you won’t be bumping elbows with other tourists. Everything will be at your disposal.

The next best thing about lava Hot Springs is it is not a one-stop-shop. Of course, the hot springs bring a lot of attention, but they have so much to offer that you will forget you went to a hot spring by the end of your vacation.

This tiny town has a lot of personalities, a lot of nature, and a lot of fun. You could call it your secret getaway as so many people probably don’t know about the wonders that this town has to offer.

So book your ticket today, spend a week out in the town, and you and your family may have just found their new summer getaway destination. 

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