10 Things to Do in Morehead, KY

Morehead, with a population of approximately 7,700 residents, serves as the county seat of Rowan County. The town’s warm and welcoming atmosphere reflects the friendly nature of its inhabitants, making visitors feel right at home. Morehead is proud of its history, which dates back to the 19th century when it was established as a trading post along the Licking River.

Nature lovers will find solace in the natural wonders surrounding Morehead. The Daniel Boone National Forest, with its sprawling woodlands, picturesque hiking trails, and breathtaking vistas, offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Discover hidden waterfalls, observe wildlife in their natural habitat, or simply relax in the serenity of nature’s embrace.

Morehead is also home to Morehead State University, a renowned institution of higher education known for its strong academic programs and vibrant campus life. The university’s commitment to excellence in education and its diverse range of cultural events contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the town.

1. Explore Cave Run Lake

Spend a day at Cave Run Lake, a scenic reservoir offering opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, and picnicking. The lake’s beaches, hiking trails, and wildlife make it a great destination for outdoor recreation.

2. Visit the Kentucky Folk Art Center

Discover the rich artistic heritage of Kentucky at the Kentucky Folk Art Center. This museum showcases a diverse collection of folk and outsider art, providing a unique cultural experience for all ages.

3. Enjoy the Morehead Railroad and Historical Museum

Delve into Morehead’s history at the Morehead Railroad and Historical Museum. This kid-friendly museum features exhibits on railroads, local history, and interactive displays, allowing visitors to learn and engage with the past.

4. Explore the Daniel Boone National Forest

Venture into the nearby Daniel Boone National Forest, where you can hike scenic trails, have a picnic, go horseback riding, or enjoy a family camping trip surrounded by nature’s beauty.

5. Discover the Rowan County Arts Center

The Rowan County Arts Center hosts art exhibitions, performances, and workshops, offering a chance to appreciate and participate in the local arts scene. Check their schedule for family-friendly events and shows suitable for kids.

6. Have Fun at the Don Greenhill City Park

Don Greenhill City Park features playgrounds, sports fields, walking trails, and a splash pad, providing ample opportunities for kids to run, play, and cool off during the summer months.

7. Attend Morehead State University Events

Keep an eye out for family-friendly events happening at Morehead State University, such as concerts, theater productions, or athletic games. These events offer entertainment for all ages and can be a great way to experience the university atmosphere.

8. Visit the Morehead-Rowan County Farmer’s Market

Explore the local flavors and products at the Morehead-Rowan County Farmer’s Market. Kids can enjoy picking out fresh produce, sampling homemade treats, and learning about local agriculture.

9. Go Bowling at Stardust Bowling Alley

Enjoy a fun-filled family outing at Stardust Bowling Alley. Bowl a few frames, challenge each other to arcade games and grab a snack at the concession stand for a classic entertainment experience.

10. Attend Festivals and Events

Check the Morehead-Rowan County events calendar for festivals and community events throughout the year. These gatherings often include live music, food vendors, children’s activities, and a chance to connect with the local community.

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