8 Things To Do In Sikeston, MO

Things To Do In Sikeston, MO

Sikeston, MO, is a city conveniently located in both Scott and New Madrid County. However, according to a 2020 census, it is now home to 16,291 people. With this population size, it is the eighth biggest city in Missouri’s 8th congressional district which is a downgrade from when it was once in second place.

The city was founded in 1860 and was named after its founder John Sikes. It has remained a small city throughout history, best known as the home to several military units, especially during the Second World War 2 era. It also has been known for its reputation within the country music genre, being the birthplace of several prominent figures such as Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn.

Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery

Being in a small city allows you to witness local talent that does not always have the chance to go national. Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery is a restored 1916 depot that has now become the place that local artists use to gain exposure and that the city uses to introduce newcomers to the city’s history. Living in your city, you can begin to think that your city’s history or local artists are all that exist.

However, once you walk into this depot, you will realize there is more out there in the world. It is a small exhibit, but those are often the ones with the most welcoming environment, and it makes you feel closer to the art pieces you are looking at or gives you the time to absorb the historical records you are reading.

This depot hopes to show people how Sikeston became what it is today and show the talent that even exists in a small city. It also has a cultural center that offers exhibits from different traveling museums. So take a peek inside the city that is Sikeston. 

2. Sikeston Rodeo

Sikeston Rodeo

Going to a rodeo is an experience you can find in only so few places, and now you can add Sikeston to that list. Sikeston Rodeo will leave you with the best experience if you have never been to a rodeo. This rodeo has been operating since 1953, entertaining and keeping people on their toes for years.

They host several events that will leave your jaws on the floor, not just by the talented people but of just how dangerous these events can be, making your appreciation for them all the better. They, of course, have bareback riding and barrel racing, but they also host bullfighting and steer wrestling.

You can watch these performers putting on the event of the year. It will be a family that no one will be able to forget.

So if you love horses, if you love bull, or if you just have never seen an event like this, Sikeston Rodeo is the place to get your first exposure.

3. Sikeston Factory Outlet Stores

You will not just find your typical shopping mall in small cities like this. These cities provide the perfect opportunity to buy clothes, shoes, and other things. You may have an outlet mall in your home city, but going to a different outlet mall in a different city shows you there is so much out there to be had.

This mall provides excellent quality items at an affordable price. It could be the mall where you find souvenirs you will cherish for many years.

Every time you turn your head, you will see something new and exciting, take a look at the price tag and think this could not be real. For some people, shopping is the most critical part of a trip. Walking into this outlet mall will be the best experience you have on the trip. 

4. Cheer Bar and Grille

Cheer Bar and Grille in Sikeston MO

If anyone can remember the popular 1980s show Cheers, this Bar and Grille could have a nostalgic effect aside from the food. This bar and Grille is the perfect location to go after a long day of adventures if you want something to eat or grab a drink and relax.

The small intimate setting will allow you to clear your mind and not worry about too much noise or disturbances. In addition, they put great pride into the quality of their drinks and food, and whether you are grabbing the fish or a burger, the quality will never fall off.

This bar and Grille need to be at the top of your list of places to find something to eat because when you walk out, you will have a full belly and need to take a nap before heading off to your next adventure.

5. Malco Sikeston Cinema and Grill

Malco Sikeston Cinema and Grill

Now, if the bar is not the setting for you, then maybe eating your food in front of a big screen would be the preferred way to go about it. If that is the case, then Malco Sikeston Cinema and Grill is undoubtedly the place for you.

They provide great food and entertainment, movies have entertained people for over a century, and sometimes the typical popcorn and soda can get dull; that is why the Grille became such a crucial part of this cinema.

You can find yourself with a whole dinner plate worth of food to enjoy throughout the movie. The best thing about cinemas in small cities is that you can find a mixture of big and small films.

So if you are looking for the latest movie, don’t be surprised if you find a classic film from the 80s or 90s sprinkled in. What more could someone ask for than great food and good movies when going on a vacation.

6. Beggs Family Farm

Beggs Family Farm

It would not be a real vacation if there were not a moment you went to a farm. Now at first glance, there may be reservations about what is so special about a farm, and it very much is a farm with vegetable and fruit fields, but the farm goes much deeper to provide its visitors with a good time.

It also acts as an entertainment center where children can run around and have the time of their lives. Especially during the fall, this farm lights up with events everywhere. Your child could quickly go from a camel ride to horse swinging to a game of giant checkers.

In addition, this farm is full of fun and fresh fruits that are also ready to be sold. So if you’re looking to take the kids and buy some watermelons (the farm’s main crop), then Beggs family Farm is open to you, and they eagerly await your arrival.

7. Malone Park

A park is often the best place to relax and get off your feet for a few hours. Malone Park is the oldest park in Sikeston and offers many things to keep you, and the children preoccupied. You can have a nice picnic while watching the children play on the playground.

It provides a perfect view and the necessary space to clear your thoughts, think about the next adventure, or think about everything you have already experienced. Taking a chance to say hello to the locals gives the city a more home-like feeling. Watch your children run around the open field, which this 2.34-acre park has enough to go around.

Finally, take a seat and relax to watch the sunset; this park is the perfect way to end a long day or a vacation.

Front Street Studio and Art Gallery

Sikeston is a city that always tries to emphasize homegrown talent. This studio and art gallery not only put on display art pieces from local talents but also seeks to provide workshops for visitors to get involved with. It has an abundance of talented teachers to show how to draw many different things.

You could even get the chance to learn from the very artist who has their art pieces on display. Once the classes are over and you see something you like, feel free to inquire about a price because everything is for sale. This studio is a fun interactive location that will leave you with smiles and hopefully a new art piece.


Small cities are often one of the most underrated vacation locations. It can go over most people’s heads the beautiful things a small city like Sikeston can offer. In a couple of days, you can explore and experience so much more in Sikeston than you could in a week at any other place.

This city is amiable for children because many kids-centered events will keep this entertained for years. A trip to Disney world can often be a small memory for children once they grow up but going to a rodeo or experiencing a farm with so many different fun activities.

These things will live on in a child’s mind for the duration of their lives. Sikeston has put a lot of time and effort into making this a place where the locals can always have a good time, but they didn’t realize that they have created a tourist gold mine. You could be one of the few people who experience these good times for yourself.