10 Most Unique Hotels in The World

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What is a unique hotel?

We can’t deny that our accommodations are a big part of the overall traveling experience. But what if the hotel where we choose to stay is one of the main places that we wanted to see? The demand for unique accommodations has inspired many entrepreneurs to open luxury hotels that are everything but the ordinary.

Let’s look at some interesting hotels around the world, that will definitely inspire you when choosing your next overnight stay.

1. Giraffe Manor

Located in Nairobi, this Victorian-style house allows you to dine with the giraffes that stretch their necks through the windows to greet the customers. The visitors always have snacks available to feed the giraffes and interact with them.

Giraffe Manor | Accommodations | Safari Ventures

2. Kakslauttanen Resort

If you visit Finland, you have the chance to sleep in your own luxury igloo. The whole structure is made of glass so you will be able to watch the famous northern lights all night long. Part of the resort experience is also given by riding ponies and sleds pulled by reindeer or dogs.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Interior Designer Antonia Lowe

3. Manta Resort

Located in Tanzania, this resort offers unique private living space on the waters of the Indian Ocean, with an underwater room beneath it. You can see the fish swimming around you, while you’re laying in bed, and you can join them anytime.

Manta-resort - MillaNova

4. FinnLough Bubble Domes

It’s like camping in Ireland, but exquisite. These rooms contained in transparent bubbles will let you become one with the surrounding nature. Your bubble with come with a bathroom and breakfast served daily to you, in the middle of the forest.

FINN LOUGH LUXURY HIDEAWAY - Updated 2020 Prices, Hotel Reviews, and Photos  (Enniskillen) - Tripadvisor

5. Treehotel

If you like spending time in the silence of the forest, this resort in Sweden offers multiple types of luxury treehouses, perched high up among the trees. You’ll be able to see the northern lights, go berry picking or fishing. A restaurant is also available if you don’t want the whole camping experience.

Treehotel, Harads – Updated 2020 Prices

6. Conrad Maldives

One of the unique rooms in the world can be found at the Conrad Resort on Rangali Island. Known as “The Muraka”, this room is completely submerged underwater in a 180-degree dome with a spectacular view of the ocean life. The restaurant of the resort is also in an underwater dome, so your experience will be complete.

World's first underwater hotel opens in the Maldives

7. Montana Magica Lodge

Found in Panguipulli, Chile, this hotel is literally inside a mountain in a natural reserve. If you’re a fan of fantasy literature, this is the closest you’ll get to live in it. The interior of the hotel is just as spectacular because it offers luxurious amenities with a rustic touch.

Montana Magica Lodge – Tall Tales In The Jungle

8. Grand Canyon Inn

If you want to explore the famous Grand Canyon, there’s no better way to do so, than sleeping inside its caverns. This eccentric hotel has a whole suite deep underground, down to 220 ft below the surface. Since there’s only one such room, it’s hard to book it, but we believe it’s well worth the try.

Where to Stay at the Grand Canyon: Best Places & Hotels (with Map & Photos)  - Touropia

9. Skylodge Adventure Suites

If you have nerves of steel and a thirst for adrenaline you can sleep suspended on a mountain, in a transparent pod. There are 3 such pods available in Peru, overseeing the Cuzco Valley. If that’s not unique, we don’t know what it is.

Skylodge Adventure Suites – Escape Holiday

10. The Yays Crane Apartment

Have you ever wondered how is the world seen from inside a crane? Wonder no more! This quirky 3-story apartment in the Netherlands was built inside a crane from the 50s. The crane was restored, but much of it has the original body of the old machine, whose movement can be controlled by its inhabitants. The inside of the apartment features luxury elements and offers the best view of Amsterdam that you can get.

The Yays - Crane Apartment ~ Time lapse - YouTube

Your spirit of adventure will be pleased to know there are weird and unique accommodations all over the world, so if you find yourself close to one of these locations, don’t hesitate to spend the night in one such unusual hotel. 

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