How Can I Travel Cheap If I Don’t Have Enough Money?

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Many people are being held back by the idea that traveling is a splurge that one can indulge in every year or every few years after saving thousands of dollars. Money is always the problem, but it shouldn’t be.

What if I told you there are ways to see the world without having to dream about it for years while pinching pennies?

Here are the main tips & tricks on low price travel.

Best ways to travel cheap

If you own a credit card, part of the job is done. Earn points while shopping and depending on how much money you usually spend, look into the credit card that suits your needs and make sure, of course, that it gives you travel rewards.

Some of them even give you a sign up bonus with miles or points. 

Use flexible travel dates

Getting a cheap flight might depend entirely on your availability. They can come up unexpectedly and if you’re a traveling enthusiast you should keep an eye on Scott’s Cheap Flights, even as a free user. If you look for overbooked flights many times you will have the chance to give your seat up and receive a voucher. Being flexible matters a lot when you want to travel low cost.

How to find cheap last minute travel deals

There are tons of travel apps available to help you find the best deals when it comes to flights, accommodations, even renting cars, but again, with many of them, you have to be flexible.

Hotel Tonight is an app that gives you last minute hotel deals that are sometimes discounted for hundreds of dollars. Leveling up also gives you discounts for being a frequent user.

Kiwi is another popular app for everything related to finding cheap travel deals for flights, accommodations, car rentals, and other means of transportation such as buses. 

Travel Zoo is a great app for travel packages that are heavily discounted and normally sell out very fast, especially the international ones, and many of them have flights included. For example for $399, you can get a 5 star 3-night stay in the Dominican Republic for 2 people.

Keep an eye on the deals and you might even get to stay in Paris for very cheap!

Use a lightweight travel backpack

You should only take the necessities that you can fit in a backpack, a few changes of clothes, your toothbrush, chargers, laptop. Suitcases can cost a lot of money and if you take just a carry on it will lower your travel cost drastically.

Look up tutorials on how to pack efficiently and get accepted on low-cost flights.

Get acquainted with cheap accommodations

Some apps I showed you above can get you great deals on last-minute bookings, however, you can use websites such as Couch Surfing, which connects you with locals from the place you want to go to. There are also numerous Facebook groups available for this and it’s also a great way to make new friends that will help you explore other cultures.

If you take a tent, you’ll be able to camp under the stars for free.

Cook your own food

Instead of going out to eat, consider heading to the local grocery store and getting supplies for your stay. And we don’t mean junk food. For the money spent on one dinner you will be able to cook your own meals for several days. Pasta with sauce and sausages, fried rice with vegetables, chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes, these are some of the cheapest dishes to make and it takes no time.

If you’re out and about, street food is a cheap alternative to eating at a restaurant and it will give you plenty of calories to keep you going.

Ditch the taxis

If you’re on a city break anywhere in the world you’ll save a good amount of money by ditching taxi transportation and either choosing public transportation or renting a bike or an electric scooter.

Europe’s electric scooters are a trend now and you can find them almost anywhere.

If you’re planning on ground travel, the slower options cost less, and this way you’ll have the chance to admire the places, take photos and learn the culture by speaking to locals.

How to be a freelancer?

Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to work while you’re traveling. Websites such as UpWork and Freelancer are excellent ways to earn extra money if you want to be a nomad for a while. You can also get short term jobs in the cities you visit, or if you end up in a rural community, you can help locals out with various jobs for small sums of money, food, or a place to spend the night. 

There even are websites and apps to help you find short term jobs abroad, such as Work Away and WWOOF. Other jobs that can help you travel the world are tour guide, seasonal worker in different resorts around the world, bartender, cruise ship worker, and much more.

Do your research when it comes to this type of job and you’ll find plenty to choose from, depending on your skills.

Share travel costs

When it comes to cheap travel sharing is one of the most common ways to go. You can connect with people who travel to the same destinations at the same time and split costs when it comes to accommodations, meals, and even transportation.

Many countries in Europe offer youth hostels, where you get to share a room with plenty of other people.

The cheapest way to travel is by making connections all over the world, through the help of apps and social media.

Best cheap travel destinations

Some countries are more expensive than others, as well as cities are more expensive than in remote areas. Some of the cheapest countries to visit while you’re earning an American income are Thailand, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, Guatemala, Croatia, Romania, and Morocco.

Everything that’s new is exciting, so always try out new destinations with an open mind.

Research is everything when it comes to finding ways on how to travel cheap. Take advantage of all the resources you find and turn every day abroad into an unforgettable experience.

Looking for more ways to save money while traveling? Check out my resource articles for other tricks I use when I travel.