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Christmas Island Australia

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The natural paradise that is Christmas Island is an Australian territory found in the Indian Ocean. The reason it’s called this way is that it was named on Christmas Day by the sea captain who discovered it. It’s located between the Indonesian Java island and the northwest part of Australia.

The island is about 12 miles in length and 50 miles around, and people say it’s shaped like a dog. It has a small population, but it’s a great tourist destination for those who love everything nature has to offer. Aside from the location of Christmas Island, let’s look at how you can get there and what you can find during your travel.

How to get to Christmas Island

Even though Christmas Island is part of the itinerary of a few cruises, the easiest way to reach it is by plane. The airports that operate flights to this location are the ones from Perth- Australia (two times a week), Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia (once a week), and Jakarta- Indonesia (once a week).

Americans who are planning a trip to Christmas Island should keep in mind that you might require an Electronic Travel Authority for entering Australia. When the demand is high, Virgin Australia operates more flights to cover all the requests.

Local transportation & accommodations

Because the population of Christmas Island is so low, there’s not much in means of transportation. The best thing you can do is rent a car, which is not cheap, starting at $55 a day. Outside of Flying Fish Cove, which is the capital of Christmas Island, the roads are not that great, and most of the natural attractions have to be visited on foot, which makes it a perfect destination for hikers. 

In Flying Fish Cove tourists will be able to find accommodations from a small number of hotels, lodges, apartments, and guest houses, with prices starting at around $80 a night.

In town, people have access to a few cafés, restaurants, and shops. Even though it’s very small, Flying Fish Cove has an ambulance service, hospital, and police station if the need arises. The whole island itself is very safe and there are no dangerous animals. 

Even though the majority of the local population is of Asian descent and speaks various Asian languages, the official language on the island is English. The official currency is the Australian Dollar.

If you find yourself in need of help or if you need more information, the Visitors Center will definitely be able to help you out and it’s open 7 days a week. 

Don’t miss on Christmas Island

The territory of Christmas Island consists of mostly rainforest, which is about 2 thirds of it. Close to the whole island is a National Park, with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Before adventuring out of Flying Fish Cove, you should check the attractions in its vicinity.

Aside from the beautiful tropical beaches, The Grotto is an easy-to-reach location. The small pool of water nestled in the cave is the perfect spot for a soak if the heat is too much to handle. Even families with children will be able to enjoy this location. 

When you’re ready to start your adventure through the National Park, which is a giant rainforest, make sure to wear appropriate shoes and have water on you at all times. Make a plan before adventuring in the park, and depending on which trail you plan to take, there are a few resting spots scattered through it, including accommodations and restaurants.

The Dales Hiking Trail is quite easy and will bring you to the beautiful Hugh’s Dale Waterfall where you can stop to cool off and even drink some water since it’s perfectly safe to drink it. 

Everywhere you go you will see crabs. The Christmas Island is actually known for the spectacular crab migration in October when around 60 million crabs leave the rainforest and travel to the ocean. It’s a phenomenon you must not miss if you plan to travel here during fall, but be at ease, the weather is hot all year round because of the tropical climate.

Hiking through the National Park will bring you to various outlooks, cliffs, and caves that can’t wait to be discovered by new travelers.

The beaches and ocean activities are a big part of life on the island. When you’re not sunbathing, you can explore the coral reefs, see close to 600 species of fish, including the great whale sharks, dolphins, and even turtles. The waters are clear and free of dangerous creatures.

One thing you must be aware of is that swimming too far is not advised, because the ocean floor drops suddenly to a staggering depth of 3 miles. There are over 60 diving sites around the island and you will be advised on everything you need to know about the area.

If you’re a nature enthusiast and want to visit a remote location in a warm paradise, give Christmas Island a go and be surprised about everything you experience!

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