The Best Places to Visit in Italy

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Italy is one of the most iconic European countries. Home of the old Roman Empire, this classic tourist destination offers the perfect balance between history, art, and modern lifestyle. With so many famous locations to visit, I’ve put together a list with the best places to travel in Italy and hopefully show you a glimpse of what they’re like and why they must see places to visit in Italy.

Where should I travel in Italy?

A historical artifact by itself, Rome will make you travel through time just by walking its streets. The capital of modern Italy was said to be founded by Romulus and Remus, the twins who were raised by a wolf. Now the heart of the Catholic faith, Rome contains over 900 churches and the mini-state of Vatican, the Pope’s residence, and the location of one of its most visited churches, The St. Peter Basilica. 

The ancient historical sites that have been a source of amazement for so many generations are scattered all across Rome. The Colosseum with the triumphal Arch of Constantine is the emblem of Rome.

The Roman Forum was the heart of day to day life in the Ancient Roman Empire and today it contains a multitude of temples and arches. Other famous ancient sites are the Palatine Hill, the Baths of Caracalla, and the Pantheon.

Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Navona are two city squares known for their beautiful fountains. Aside from the unique architecture surrounding them, here you can find bars and restaurants, perfect places to try an authentic pizza while you enjoy regular street performances.

What to visit in Venice Italy?

The home city of Casanova, Venice is one of the most popular travel destinations for lovers. Even if you don’t visit it during the Carnival, which sometimes attracts 3 million visitors, you can enjoy this city’s splendor at any time of the year. Taking a tour by gondola is the activity no tourist should miss out on. Glide through the Grand Canal or take a boat tour of the nearby islands of Murano & Burano to watch craftsmen work the famous Murano glass.

A center of arts and culture, Venice’s museums and galleries have an impressive collection of art pieces from different eras and styles. Many of these can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts (Gallerie dell’Accademia), on the walls of Scuola Grande di San Rocco, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the interior of Ca’ d’Oro.

What to do in Florence Italy?

Another art center of Italy, Florence was the home of the classics Michelangelo, Raffaello, and Donatello. Their imprint has been left all over the city, in museums, statues, and architecture.

The Duomo, one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, stands out through its architecture but also through the Last Judgement fresco, painted by Michelangelo.

Palazzo Vecchio (The Old Palace) is a work of art in itself, that has been towering Florence since the 13th century. Basilica of Santa Croce is the burial ground of many of Italy’s artistic geniuses.

Uffizi Palace, Galleria dell’Accademia, and Bargello Museum house a huge collection of art pieces.

Tourists who want to shop for crafted souvenirs or just enjoy a panorama of the city can visit Michelangelo’s Square (Piazzale Michelangelo). 

Santa Croce district is the place to enjoy nightlife and if you want to enjoy Italian cuisine or just grab a drink while admiring the city, the best place to do it is the rooftops, as Florence has a multitude of rooftop bars and terraces. 

The Amalfi Coast

Tourists who want to experience more of the natural beauty of Italy rather than enjoying its urban side must visit the Mediterranean Coast with its beaches, orchards, and vineyards. It’s a splendid location even for families with small children.

There are a few picturesque towns with beautiful beaches, architecture, and natural wonders.

Ravello is a Roman town built on the top of a mountain that offers the best view of the coast. Positano is also built on a mountain, but the unique way the houses are lined up on the slope gives it a surreal feel. Its beautiful surroundings were featured in several movies during the years.

Among the most popular nature destinations on the Amalfi Coast are the Path of Gods, The Sirenusas Islands, and the Lattari Mountains Regional Park.

Must see in Sicily

The biggest island in Italy gives an impression of traditional Italian and Greek influences. Its almost wild natural beauty blends in with historical sites and urban life, making it a tourist destination that offers a bit of everything. History enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Valley of Temples near Agrigento, which is a UNESCO site, Monastero dei Benedettini (Catana), Syracuse and Ortigia Island, and the Trapani and Erice medieval village.

Mount Edna is an active volcano that overlooks the City of Catana, and can be visited and hiked. The Aeolian Islands contain another active volcano and blend in the peace of a natural retreat with the subtle suburban feel. Hikers and nature enthusiasts can also visit the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve. 

For a day at the beach, tourists can choose from a few unique beaches such as Parco Marino del Plemmirio, Cala Rossa in Favignana, and Isola Bella.

What to visit in Sardinia?

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia has its own historical artifacts ready to be discovered, however, what makes this island special are the beaches and the clear waters. One of the most famous locations found here is the Emerald Coast, a paradise surrounded by natural granite walls and green forests. 

Some of the most notable places to visit in Sardinia are the Gulf of Orosei, the Caves of Neptune, the town of Castelsardo, and Gola di Gorropu Canyon.


Most of us know the name of this place which is an ancient town close to the city of Naples. Famous for its destruction around 79 AD this location deserves its place among the best places to travel in Italy. There are close to no facilities once inside the town and you will need a guide.

One of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world, Pompeii houses the charred remains of some of its inhabitants that were burned to death by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and can be seen in the Garden of Fugitives. After the city was abandoned it remained close to intact with the passing of time.

No matter where in the country you’re planning to spend your vacation, always make a list of the locations you want to visit and you can decide for yourself what the best places to travel in Italy are, but I hope my guide helped you note of these locations on it.

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