7 Smallest Islands In The World

Fiji Island

Imagine running away from the urban bustle of your city, stress, noise, and routine, and retreating to a far-away place, in the middle of an ocean, a river, or a lake. The smaller an island is, the more intimate it feels, the more secluded you’ll be from everyday reality. Here, we’ll look at the world’s smallest islands that can be your next tourist destination and where you can take a break.

What is the smallest island in the world?

Well, the smallest island in the world is big enough to only fit a lighthouse and it’s called Bishop Rock. The lighthouse was built, in 1868 in the Isles of Sicily, is 161 ft high, has 10 floors, and it’s nicknamed the “King of the lighthouses”. Because it was inhabited until it became automatic, it has a spacious living room and bedroom on the 6th and 7th floor. Even though it can be visited, unfortunately, tourists cannot sleep in the lighthouse anymore, but there are a few cottages nearby that offer beautiful accommodations. 

What is the smallest island country in the world?

Nauru, the third smallest country in the world, is actually the smallest island country, measuring only 8 square miles. Even though it doesn’t focus on tourism, this island in Micronesia can be visited. It’s a secluded tiny paradise that was severely damaged by excess mining of phosphate rock  There are just a few hotels and restaurants and swimming is not safe in most places. The locals will help you find the best swimming spots. The island is abundant in WW II artifacts, for those who love this topic.

TIP: Just make sure you have cash because cards are not accepted here.

Alexandria Bay NY

No…really. This is the name of the smallest inhabited island, found in Alexandria Bay NY. As a resident of this tiny patch of land, waking up in the morning and not accidentally going for a swim is on the list of priorities. All jokes aside, it looks incredibly cozy and secluded, away from the noise of any city, and away from nosy neighbors. But, do they have delivery by boat?

Lighthouse Alexandria Bay NY

Dunbar Rock

The dream resort for people who love peace and diving, Dunbar Rock features a luxurious villa with a dive center, infinity pool, bar, private beach, and beautiful rooms. You can find it in the Caribbean, in Guanaja Honduras. It’s easy to have privacy since the villa only has 9 rooms for visitors and 2 suites. 

Villa On Dunbar Rock | Private island, Vacation, Pictures

Mont Saint Michael

One of the main tourist attractions in Normandy, France deserves to be on our list. The 12th-century abbey perched on the small island is inhabited by around 50 people and receives millions of visitors each year. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the inspiration for Rapunzel’s Castle in Disney’s Tangled.

Mont Saint Michael France

What is the smallest island in Hawaii?

The answer is Lanai, the most secluded island in Hawaii, a remote paradise just 1 hour away from Maui by ferry boat. The best thing is you don’t even need a passport. The island features luxurious resorts, coral reef explorations, hikes to the Sweetheart rock, beaches with calm waters, even a beach campsite where you can stay in your tent if you love the outdoors.

The best thing about Lanai, is that it is always peaceful here, there are no crowds of tourists.

Read what else you can do in Hawaii.

Rose Island

The USA have their own beautiful tiny islands and lighthouses, one of the most notable one being Rose Island, in the state of Rhode Island. This beautiful lighthouse was built in 1870 and today is a great tourist attraction, because they have the opportunity to sleep in the guest room, or to do the chores of the lighthouse keeper for a week.

Rose Island, Bahamas - Southern Boating

There are many such tiny islands in Rhode Island state. This is the smallest state in the US, but even though the name suggests it, it’s not an island at all, but located on the mainland, with 30 islands in its subordination.

Sea Lion Island

A dream for animal lovers, this Natural Reserve of the Falkland archipelago is the breeding ground for species such as sea lions, penguins, orcas, and many more. The Sea Lion Lodge offers accommodations for tourists between January and March, with tours and hiking trails, where you can see wildlife everywhere. 

Sea Lion Island


Located near Corfu Island in Greece, this small green patch of land in the middle of the Ionian Sea is also known as Mouse Island. The only establishment on it is an 11th century Byzantine monastery surrounded by a park, which can be visited all year long. The only people living here are the staff of the café on the island.

Pontikonisi Island Greece

Even though visitors can’t sleep here, it’s a wonderful quiet spot to relax away from Corfu.

Loreto Island

One of the most beautiful locations on our list, Loreto Island is located on Lake Iseo, in the province of Brecia, Italy. It’s a real-life fairy tale location, unique, and featuring a Gothic castle surrounded by lush vegetation. Unfortunately, the island cannot be visited at the moment.

Loreto Island

Let me know down below in the comments section which island you’ve been to or you dream of going one day.

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