8 Things To Do In Richardson, TX

Richardson City TX

Richardson is a city found along the border of both Collins and Dallas county. With a population of 119,469 according to the 2020 census, this relatively small city is home to the University of Texas at Dallas and major telecommunication companies, including Verizon, Samsung, and AT&T. 

Being home to many major telecommunication companies is a clear indication of the type of city Richardson must be. These companies must see something within these city limits to make it a hot commodity, and tourists who come through see it. This city does not have a lack of attractions or things to do. It is a hotbed of different cultures ranging from Indian Americans to Chinese Americans. This city even has a Chinatown within its limits that help to show off its diversity. 

Below we will go over the 8 things to do in Richardson, TX, to ensure that a visit to this city is a visit that you will never forget.

1. Cottonwood Park

One of the first things you may want to do after a long drive or plane ride is to see some nature and relax. Cottonwood Park provides both of those perks. Even on the hottest days, this park has plenty of trees to shade you as you walk through the trail, and it even has a swimming pool as another alternative to cool off. 

If you are looking to sit around and take in the sights, they provide picnic tables for you and the family to sit, talk, and enjoy the scenery. This hidden gem will leave a lasting impression on the family and help kickstart a vacation in the right way, surrounded by beautiful flowers and fresh air, which is always good for the heart. 

2. The University of Texas at Dallas- Visual Arts Building

The best part of having a major university in town is the exhibits they provide for the public, and that is what you will find at the UTD visual art building. Here you will find some of the new and fresh faces of the art world. You could witness the next Andy Warhol and claim you saw their work before being famous. 

With its wall-to-wall art pieces, sculptures, etc., there is no lack of beauty in this building, and regardless of what type of art lover you are, it provides something for everybody. You could easily get lost in this building for hours, and that’s okay because you will not regret it.

Grab a bite to eat from the various vendors the campus has to offer and make your way back in to finish off the exhibit because you are going to want to see everything.

3. North Texas Automotive Museum

For the people who love cars, this is one place that must be on the top of your list to visit. At this museum, you can find a little of everything. If you like classic cars or modern exotic cars, this museum has it and has enough that it will quench your car viewing desire.

They leave no expense in ensuring that everyone who walks into the building will enjoy every piece of art they encounter. They also allow for up close and personal interactions; even though touching the cars is limited, the museum leaves enough room to allow you to interact personally with each and every vehicle. 

They are also known for their friendly staff, who will hop into a two-hour conversation about cars with you because they love cars equally. This unique museum will leave you speechless on the way out and maybe even wishing you had a time machine to 1952 to get your hands behind the wheel of one of those classic cars. 

4. Funasia

Funasia aims to give you an insight into the different cultures in Richardson. This theater promotes and shows only Indian and South Asian movies, formerly known as Bollywood movies. The establishment of this theatre is thanks to the relatively substantial South Asian community that calls Richardson, TX, home. 

The movies come along with English Subtitles so anyone can come in and enjoy the film. 

Funasia also is host to other community events. So when you make your way over to Richardson, keep your eyes on the Funasia website to keep up with all of the latest events. Whether it is movies, picnics, or art exhibits, they show no shame in showing off their Indian and South Asian culture and hope you can join them in these cultural celebrations. 

5. Heights Family Aquatic Center

It wouldn’t be a vacation if you didn’t spend time at a water park. The name is the first indication that this would be the perfect place to bring the family for a bit of day in the sun. They have various swimming pools to accommodate any age or any swimming level. They even provide pools strictly for relaxation, no splashing or flopping. It gives a moment to get away from the chaos and start a tan.

Aside from the pools, they also provide slides and toys to offer the experience with just a little extra spice—a perfect time to spend with the family and relax.

6. Chinatown

As mentioned in the intro, Richardson, TX, is home to a Chinatown due to its South Asian population. Just as with Funasia, this is another area where you can get exposed to the Asian (mainly Chinese) community and what they hold sacred. You will find plenty of shopping areas with an assortment of decorations. Then if you are looking for Chinese cuisine, there is no better place to look as they have the main Chinese restaurants. They also have Asian supermarkets if you want to bring home some items you have learned to love.

If you’re going to step out of your world or even the world you may have gotten used to in Richardson, Chinatown is the place to go. Like so many cultural areas, it can provide a little perspective on what life may be like in China, if not a tiny glimpse. 

7. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts

The name says it all when it comes to Eisemann Center for Performing Arts. This center provides some of the best performances found in Richardson. From small, low-budget performances to massive, fully equipped concerts, they will leave you in shock with their outstanding performances. They have a little something for everyone from dance shows, theatrical shows, and musical performances. They can even help open your mind up to things you once thought you would never enjoy.

Changing a family member from someone who never thought they would listen to an opera to someone who can not stop listening to operas. They work hard to make sure, regardless of the size, that the performances are always top-notch, with good acoustics and excellent overall performances. Eisemann is one of those places that either needs to be first on your list or last. But either way, it will be an adventure that will stay in your mind for years to come. 

8. Sherrill Park Golf Course

Golf’s popularity has been steadily increasing in America through the decades. Many casual players will say the relaxation they experience from golf is incomparable, and it gets no better than Sherrill Park Golf Course. They repeatedly have won rewards based on their well-kept facility and can be a good course for a beginner or an expert player. They even go as far as to offer training sessions for those looking to leap up from inexperience. This beautiful course would be something an enthusiast will never forget and wish they had back in their hometown if they didn’t already. 


Richardson, TX is a rich, vibrant city that balances the wealthy world the telecommunication companies have brought with a small town, down-to-earth world, so many travelers seek in these small cities. This hotbed of culture could give you an entirely new lease on life. It can show you what different cultures eat and customs native to their people while promoting fun and excitement for you and the family to enjoy.

There is never a dull moment in this city. It provides fun for everyone, no matter what their interest is. Art, music, cars, there are very few places where you can get all of these in one spot, and Richardson, TX does its best to do so. What turned out to be a vacation could quickly become a second home. Richardson, TX is a place you will want to keep running back to whenever given a chance.