20 Best Things to Do in Baytown, TX

Baytown, TX is a city that lies in between both Harris and Chambers counties. According to the 2020 census count, this city is home to 83,701 inhabitants. However, it is located more accurately in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar land metropolitan area, also known as Greater Houston. With this population count, it makes this city the sixth-largest in the city. 

Officially founded in the year 1948, this city was initially three separate towns that later agreed to merge into one. It is currently home to 10 plants run by Exxon-Mobil and has been known for its wealth in oil reserves. This oil presence had been the main driver for many immigrants to come to the city and help the city achieve a level of wealth. With this wealth, they have been able to expand their infrastructure and build attractions that will appeal to tourists.

Below we will discuss some of those attractions and others that have made Baytown a special place. 

1. Pirates Bay Water Park

pirates bay water park baytown tx

As a tourist, you can never go wrong with a bit of fun in the sun. Pirates Bay Water Park is a water park that will outshine all the others you have been to in your life. This water park has many attractions both on land and in the water that will keep you entertained throughout the day if you wish to stay that long. You could find yourself on a waterslide one minute and the next minute, find yourself and the family playing minigolf. 

This multi-diverse park has an assortment of slides, a kid’s area with kid-friendly slides and pools, food that will leave your mouth wanting more, and so much more. The best way to start a vacation is to have some fun, and if you go to Pirates Bay Water Park, you will not be disappointed with what you find, and who knows, you may need to go twice, not because you can not get to all the rides but because it was just so much fun.

2. Royal Purple Raceway

Royal Purple Raceway Baytown TX

There are not too many places you can go to experience some racing fun, but Baytown has you covered with Royal Purple Raceway. If you like cars going fast, smelling diesel fuel, and hearing the sounds of engines roar before they make their way down a drag strip, then you do not want to miss this race.

At this track, you will find some of the most exciting cars, modified and decked out for optimal speed and presentation. They host many events, so whenever you get the chance to make your way to Baytown, they are sure to have a couple of races ready for you.

Bring the family to the track but make sure to get your ear mufflers because it is going to be loud, but at the same time, it is going to be so much fun. 

3. Jenkins Park

Jenkins Park Baytown TX

It is always a good idea to have a relaxing moment when on vacation. A moment to digest everything that has happened thus far and time to think about what comes next: Jenkins Park is the perfect place to relax and allow the little ones to have a little extra fun while you watch them. This park has some of the regular things you would expect from a park-like a playground or hiking trails, but this park also has extra perks that make it unique. 

If you decided to bring along a furry friend, this would be a great place to bring them because this park has a dog park, but not just that. This park has a basketball court, skate park, and splash pad, giving you so many options to have fun.

This park is keen to keep adults and children entertained, but if you are tired out from your other events, this would be an excellent place to find a bench and enjoy the scenery, and things are always better when activities are going on around you. 

4. Baytown little theater

Everyone wants to laugh, watch something dramatic or listen to music. At the Baytown little theater, you can find all of that in this little theater. This volunteer-based theater aims to provide the best performances you have seen throughout your adventures. 

Of course, most of it is local talent meaning the city puts a significant emphasis on building talent and giving the best experience to not only their local community but travelers who come through. This theater is also a non-profit organization, so the only reason they have remained open is thanks to the kind people of the city who must love the performances. Thanks to them, you now have the opportunity to witness the beautiful performances they put on.

Held in high regard throughout the Houston area, this theater is bound to put on a show that will stick in your mind for years to come. So take a step inside and see all of the stunning performances these performers have spent countless hours putting together for your viewing pleasure. 

5. Umbrella Alley

Beautiful works of art can often come in the most unconventional places. Umbrella Alley is similar to what the name describes; it is an alley with umbrellas above them, providing shade and good optics for the mural that lies beneath them. The Lee college Art Department has been working on a mural that gives tribute to the ecology of Baytown.

Other than that mural, there are other beautiful pieces of art spread through the walls for the public viewing pleasure.

Take a second to get lost in the beauty that this little area has to offer, and then come back when the mural has been completed and see a fantastic beauty. 

6. Baytown Historical Preservation Association

Baytown Historical Preservation Association

This preservation site is home to an 1894 one-room Wooster school and a 1910 Brown Mckay house with other areas they are looking to restore. Its purpose was to provide a firsthand view to visitors of what life was like for people living on a rice farm in rural Texas during these times.

It’s another non-profit organization with the sole intention of teaching the community. Baytown, once oil was discovered, became a rich, flourishing city, but there was a time before the oil, and that is being displayed.

Learning about American history can be one of the most rewarding things to do in a new city, and many can forget what the people before had to live through for us to have the modern conveniences we currently have. It can help give a more profound, better understanding of the past but also an appreciation for where we now are. 

7. Wayne Gray Sports Complex

Nothing spells relaxation than a good day at a sports park, and the Wayne Gray Sports Complex leaves nothing to the imagination to give you the best sports experiences. This sprawling complex has several different areas dedicated to various sports but especially baseball and softball, but don’t worry if you are a fan of disc golf; they have somewhere for you as well. Not only that, but they make it an experience by providing a good court, picnic tables, and public wifi.

This complex is an excellent place to blow off some steam, especially before you have to return home. It’s a place like this that can remind you why Baytown is such a fantastic place. It’s inviting and never lacks time-consuming entertaining moments.

8. The Arts, Culture, and Entertainment District

Old Goose Creek Arts and Entertainment District

In Bayton, you will also find the Old Goose Creek Arts and Entertainment District, which should be on your “to visit” list. You will find many other attractive spots beside Umbrella Alley, such as art galleries and murals that are unique to this part of the town. When you go to this district, explore it on foot because you can find an impressive artistic view at every corner. 

At the Art League, you will also be able to admire the enormous mural in town and take astonishing pictures of it. 

But besides the artistic items and murals, you can find here, the entire atmosphere of the district is highly inviting. You will almost feel as if you have stepped into a different world. 

9. Check out the Baytown Nature Center 

If you love nature, you can’t miss the Baytown Nature Center while you are in the city. Get ready to encounter hiking trails for all levels and fantastic nature spots to stop and admire. 

For those who love birdwatching, the Baytown Nature Center also has a lot to offer with its unique bird types. Here you will also find biking routes if you want to bring your bike and beautiful places to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. The onsite butterfly garden is also a beautiful, almost magical place that will charm you.

If you visit the Baytown Nature Center with kids, there is a playground designated just for them with everything the little ones need to have a great time. And there is also an area where visitors can enjoy some crabbing. 

This area is ideal for a full day of fun with your group! 

10. Town Square at Christmas

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year in Baytown, Texas. The Christmas tree you will find in the Town Square is majestic in size and decorations, so you will stop to look at it for a while. But once you start exploring the area, you will find a great ice skating place and plenty of holiday booths and events to join. 

Also, the largest Christmas parade around Houston is hosted here with the best food and plenty of concerts, dancers, and fun events to join. 

There is also an art gallery with Christmas pictures, paintings, and other artistic items to help you get in the spirit of the holidays. 

11. See the Gator World and the Butterfly Garden at Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center

Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center is one of the main attractions in town. You will find this Center at the Goose Creek banks, one of those places children will love. Place, it will not just be an exciting experience but also an educational one for young visitors. 

Among the beautiful exhibits at this Center are the Butterfly Garden and the Gator World. Admiring the young alligators at the Gator World can be fascinating, and you will also learn a lot about these animals. 

The Butterfly Garden welcomes you not only with beautiful species of butterflies but also with beehives and overall amazing murals and designs. 

Besides these two notorious exhibits, you will find snake exhibits and many local animals to give you a fair idea about the wildlife in this area. The entrance is free; you can expect to spend some good hours here if you want to check out all the exhibits. 

12. Wine tasting at Yepez Vineyard

If you want to taste local wine, the Yepez Vineyard is the best place. You can also taste wine and purchase a few bottles to bring home with you. You can also check out the vineyards and learn how the wine is made from the welcoming staff. 

For families that want to enjoy a picnic at the winery, there is a designated area for that. And if you have a romantic date, you will not disappoint them by taking them to Yepez Vineyard.

The winery hosts many live events, such as concerts, throughout the year.

13. Check out the Trophy Barber Shop

The Trophy Barber Shop is located in the city’s historic district, and it is not just a regular barbershop. You will notice how special this place is as soon as you see the mounted animal that Jimmy Carpenter, the shop’s original owner, hunted.

You can check out this barber shop to get a haircut and admire all the animals on the wall. It is an excellent visit for hunting enthusiasts, and there is a giant polar bear that will amaze you as soon as you see it. Other animals you can find here are deer, goats, moose, and many other local ones.

You will remember your visit to the Trophy Barber Shop very soon, as the whole place is fascinating.

14. The Fred Hartman Bridge

Fred Hartman Bridge

The Fred Hartman Bridge goes along the Houston Ship Channel and connects San Jacinto Battleground to Baytown. This bridge is the tallest one in Houston and has a length of 2.6 miles. The Fred Hartman Bridge is the most impressive cable-stayed bridge in the state.

While the architecture of this bridge is something to see during the day, the way it is lit up at night makes it even more charming. It gives you a beautiful view, and if you choose to drive on it, you will have an impressive experience.

15. Baytown History Museum

You will find the Baytown History Museum in the old Goose Creek post office building, which was built in the 1930s. The history you will find at this museum is very interesting, and they offer all its visitors a learning experience regarding local history and traditions.

You will be able to admire artifacts and clothes of the Karankawa Indians and pictures and exhibits from the oil era.

If you are passionate about history and unique artifacts, this is one of the best museums to visit in the area.

16. Join a class at the Art League of Baytown

If you are an art enthusiast, you will enjoy the art classes at the Art League of Baytown. Local artists sell their artwork at the open gallery you will find here, and amateurs can join classes to discover their creative abilities. 

Experts and very talented artists lead the workshops organized here, so you can count on the fact that you will learn special techniques if you give them a chance. Besides painting techniques, you will also know other types of art, such as making jewelry, paper mache, or photography. 

17. The Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery

The Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery

The local soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq have memorial monuments in Baytown, Texas. You will learn more about the soldiers who lost their lives defending the country at this art gallery. 

The entire gallery is embellished with beautiful artwork and photographs, so expect to get emotional during your visit. If you want to understand more about the soldiers and the wars they served in, you will find this visit very rewarding. 

18. The Lynchburg Ferry

The Lynchburg Ferry

The Lynchburg Ferry is taking those who embark on it from Baytown to San Jacinto along the Houston Ship Channel. It also has an exciting story. Before the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston burned the ferry to prevent the Mexicans from retreating.

Children enjoy the Lynchburg Ferry and can learn an essential piece of history. It is the oldest ferry in Texas and can offer a memorable ride! 

19. See the San Jacinto Monument

If you want to explore the surroundings of Baytown, one of the best places to check out is the San Jacinto Monument. The monument is a memorial of the San Jacinto battle from April 21st, 1836

The monument has a height of 567.31, and it is pretty breathtaking as it seems to reach the sky when you look at it. Two hundred twenty-one tons which represents the Lone Star state of Texas. It might also impress you that the San Jacinto Monument is the tallest masonry tower in the world.

20. The Texas Independence Trail

Texas Independence Trail

This trail goes through San Jacinto and La Porte and is perfect for a road trip. If you like road trips, you can go through the entire Texas Independence trail and visit various counties to admire local beauties. 

You can start the trail in Bayton and go through not less than 28 counties. Alamo, Galveston, and Washington County are among the most popular attractions along this trail.

This could be a great road trip with the entire family, as you will surely come across beautiful areas along the way.


Baytown is a city that sounds like it should be along the California coast, but instead of being along the California coast, it brings the coast to Texas. This small city has managed to come from humble beginnings as a small rural city that was once spread out between three different cities to being a thriving city that has only been rising since the 1940s. 

As mentioned in the beginning, Baytown has invested a lot in its infrastructure. With its new access to cash it has had for the last almost 100 years, it has made investments that have paid off not only to the locals but to the visitors that come through. Initially, someone could come to Baytown, assuming it was this small city with nothing to offer.

Still, after walking around for several hours, a person could easily get lost in the plethora of things the city has to offer. It could force you to change your entire plan. This city has many beautiful things, and this list has only cracked the surface of the wonderful things that are going on in Baytown.

A super company like Exxon-Mobil, with the city’s oil, does not just stay in one place and call it home for long if they do not see potential in the town itself. Please take a peek at Baytown; by the end of it, you may realize it was the best destination you could have visited throughout your travels. 

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