6 Things To Do In Dalton, GA

US capital cities on map series Dalton, GA

Dalton, Georgia, is a city with a population of 34,417, according to a 2020 census. It is the principal city in the Dalton metropolitan statistical area, comprising both Murray and Whitefield counties. It’s also along the border of Georgia and Tennessee.

Named after Tristram Dalton, this small city has the presence of the nation’s floor covering manufacturers. These companies help to create a rug, vinyl, and carpet flooring. It is one of the most present things you will notice once you come to the city. With its existence and the historical background that goes along with the city, it has invested in its attractions department to bring more visitors and hopefully keep them around.

1. Prater Mills

American history can be one of the fascinating things you come across when going on a vacation, and the history lesson does not get any deeper than when you go to Praters Mill. This building was initially made in 1855, but after its initial use was ended and the decades went by, the building fell apart due to nature. It was thanks to a group of volunteers in 1971 who sought to rebuild a piece of Georgia’s history and put it on display for the world. Now that it has been rebuilt, it acts as the home beacon for many of the city’s events. It hosts musical festivals, fairs, etc., for the community. 

It’s run by a non-profit organization that has managed to keep the building and its upkeep strictly from donations, so not only will you be visiting a piece of history, but you will also be contributing to this site being seen by many more people for generations to come.

Come through when the city is hosting one of its events, meet the locals, and expose yourself to a little Georgia history. It’s never too late to learn something new, and there will be no shortage of people on site willing to tell you more about the history of this landmark.

2. Dalton Brewing Co

Dalton Brewing Co Dalton Georgia
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Now that we have seen a bit of history, it is time to expose ourselves to some Georgia entrepreneurial ambitions. This brewery was started only in 2018 and had been running nonstop. Thanks to four entrepreneurs, they have been able to take local resources and make beer straight for those Dalton resources. This craft beer brewery will have you leave with some samples that will make you want to change your favorite beer. Beer also tastes better when you know it’s locally made.

Take a walk through their facility on one of their many tours and see the process, and take a few homes for yourselves. You could see a spark that makes even you want to venture down the entrepreneurial path. Being a part of local activity always makes you feel like you are one of the people.

The best way for a vacation to hit a good stride is to feel one with the community and go to this brewery, let alone walk around with a few beers will allow the community knows you are one of them. 

3. Walnut Square Mall

Walnut Square Mall Building in Dalton Georgia
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Some could argue the best part of a vacation is the experience of shopping in different locations. Although small, Dalton has its mall for its public and tourists to enjoy. It hosts some of the classic stories like JCPenny and Sear, so if there is something specific you are looking for, you can find it there. But they also host a list of other stores, some locally owned, and at these locations, you will have the chance to find something that you can take back home to remind you of the vacation. 

The one bright side of having a mall in a small city is there will not be too many crowds. It can be an easy walk-in and explore for a couple of hours, walk into a relatively empty food court when you are hungry, and walk out without worrying about bumping into strangers or waiting in long lines. 

4. Lakeshore Dog Park

Lakeshore Dog Park Dalton GA
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Bringing a furry friend along for an adventure can be an exciting time, but what Dalton has done to make the experience even better is create a dog park. This dog park has plenty of trails for you and the dog to potentially get an early morning jog in or simply have a fun time walking around and enjoying each other. Of course, there is an open field, so if you want to bring out the ball and play a game of fetch, you can do that, but you can also make it a family event. 

They have little picnic areas that you could bring the family and your pet out to, and everyone has a little quality time with the dog while enjoying some BBQ they also have some areas for you to grill some hotdogs. You could make this park a particular time for the dog and the whole family, and they can enjoy themselves, eat good food, get some exercise, and have a blast. Family time is always necessary, but bringing the dog into the mix can make the experience more fun. 

5. Creative Art Guild

Creative Arts Guild Gallery Opening and Artist Reception - Visit Dalton, GA
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Art can be one of the most beautiful experiences, whether painting or music and what makes it even better is art indigenous to the state. Creative Art Guild is considered one of the oldest, if not oldest, art organizations in Georgia. It hosts a regular art exhibit where you will have the chance to see sculptures and art pieces from both regional and local artists.

Every state has its things that make them unique and how they view art is one of them, so we will have the chance to view what Georgians view as beautiful works of art, and you will surely enjoy it. 

This space is also used for musical performances; believe it or not; there is a gym nearby. So you can get a little workout in before you go and enjoy the artist of the day. This location can provide you with all the essential things you would need to make a day out in the sun one of the best days of the whole vacation. It is an all-encompassing area that will leave you with a smile and hope to return the next day.

6. Dalton Fall Fun Center

Dalton Fall Fun Center
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Anything with the word fun must be fun; this location is an expansive area of different things bottled up under one name. If you are a thrill-seeker or athlete always looking to build up a sweat for a good time, then this is where you need to go.

To start simple, you can go to the miniature golf area and press your luck in that 27-hole behemoth; then, you can transition to the next domino and pick your choice.

You can go to the football field and toss around the pigskin, the same area where you could enjoy a game of laser tag or even the bumper car arena they have. This fun center will keep you on your toes and keep your children on your toes because this place does not lack in the things to do department; there is always something that will manage to catch your attention and keep you going for the next couple of hours.

Then when it’s all said and done, enjoy their hand-dipped ice cream and head home. This place truly has everything a person could want and more,


Dalton, GA, has a lot of history and indeed has a story to tell. This city has played an essential role in American history, from being one of the many battlegrounds of the civil war to being home to many carpet manufacturers. It is a blue-collar area, but it does not lack in the fun and entertainment department.

Stigmas can exist in places like this, but when you visit these places and see the fantastic things even the smallest cities offer, you realize the world is not so small; you can have fun anywhere you go. It does not have to be in designated areas; the best thing about small cities is the crowd control and the community. 

In places like this, you can go to the local grocery store and ask for directions without getting a face, or go to the local barbershop and have a good hearty conversation. It feels like a family, and they will not shun you; they are open to sharing.

So look towards the cities like Dalton the next time you go on a vacation. From a bird’s eye view, it may not seem like much, but once you get boots on the ground, you can see the amazing things it offers.