15 Best Things to Do in Glacier View, Alaska

If you want to visit Alaska, you will be impressed with how many interesting things you can do in this state. It borders Canada and Siberia but also the Arctic and Pacific oceans.

Alaska is the largest state in America and a place where you can have unique experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

As you venture into this unspoiled corner of Alaska, you’ll be met with a mesmerizing panorama that defies description. Glacier View stands as a gateway to the mighty Chugach Mountains, home to an array of colossal glaciers, each more enchanting than the last.

It’s a place where nature’s artwork takes center stage, captivating visitors with its raw beauty and extraordinary splendor.

Without further due, here are the best 15 things to do in Glacier View Alaska so you can make the most out of your time here!

Things to Do in Glacier View, Alaska

1. Touch the Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier Alaska

Touching a glacier can be the experience of a lifetime. The Matanuska Glacier is easy to reach from the Glenn Highway if you turn on a pullout road to get to it. However, note that the roads to the glacier are not free because they are on private land.

Driving to the Matanuska Glacier will take you to the largest roadside glacier in America, which by itself will be a great path to take with plenty of breathtaking views along the way.

The Matanuska Glacier Valley is 27 miles long and 4 miles wide and is the most impressive in the United States.

One of the best views you will get is at the Glacier’s Toe. If you get to the Matanuska Glacier Park Resort, you will be able to walk right to the Matanuska Glacier.

2. Check out the Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area at Mile 101

Matanuska Glacier Mile 101

If you want a complex image of the glacier, make sure to check the Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area. You will find this recreational site at Mile 101 on the Glenn Highway. This site has 12 campsites with everything you need from water pumps to fire pits, toilets, and picnic tables. 

If you come here during the summer you can enjoy hiking, river rafting, and glacier trekking. In the winter months, the best activities are snowboarding, skiing, and other snow sports. 

You will not be able to get to the glacier from this resort directly but you will enjoy the best views of it, in all its splendor.

It is recommended to book your stay at the Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area by calling Long Rifle Lodge, phone (907)745-5151, to make sure they can accommodate you. 

3. Take a scenic drive

Alaska Drives around the glaciers

If you love to drive and admire the nature around you, glacier Alaska offers you the best scenic drives you will ever have. There are 30 miles of amazingly beautiful views on the Glenn Highway.

The highway goes north to the agricultural Palmer and turns east towards the Matanuska River Valley, where the scenic views will have you stop and take pictures more often than any other place. 

You can start your day trip at Anchorage and follow the road towards the Matanuska Glacier. There will be plenty of opportunities to lower down and take in the magical surroundings! 

As you drive on the Glenn Highway, you can also stop to check out various attractions on the way too and learn more about the local history and traditions.

4. Explore the wildlife

Brown Bear living in Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Are you a fan of wildlife? If so, you will feel spoiled in Alaska. Glacier View will lead you straight to Dall Sheep at sheep mountain. Gunsight Mountain, 6,441 feet in height is a landmark in this area.

You will be able to see the sheep more in the spring and you will find several trails you can take and places you can park if you want to spend some time in this area. As amazing as the sheep viewing is here, note that the area is not open for sheep hunting. 

There are plenty of bird species to view in this area as well. You can even join the April hawk watch and you will encounter rare birds that migrate north in big numbers.

Plus, besides the view of the birds, you will be charmed by the way sunshine reflects the snow, offering the best conditions for admiring the nature around you!

5. Take a day cruise to Prince William Sound

Alaska cruise tour view from the boat

Prince William Sound is only 90 minutes away from the Anchorage area and it has the best and most fascinating tidewater glaciers on the planet. The tidewater glaciers here come from the mountains and plunge into the sea, creating a fascinating view. 

If you choose to join a day cruise to admire these glaciers, you can expect to spend four to five hours surrounded by the beautiful views they offer. You can choose between high-speed cruises and slower cruises, depending on how you want to admire the area.

The high-speed cruises will allow you to see more of the glaciers while the slower ones tend to stay more at each glacier so you can take in the atmosphere. The Surprise Glacier in Harriman Fjord is a particular glacier that you will love to admire and snap pictures of during your cruise. 

You can also choose cruises that last more than a day and spend a beautiful getaway weekend in this area. There are local charters you can join as long as you make the booking in advance because they are also very popular. 

6. Check out the Knik Glacier

Knik River and Matanuska Glacier, Alaska Range

The Knik Glacier is one you shouldn’t miss if you are in Alaska. This glacier is 25 miles long and originates in the Chugach Mountains and gets to the Knik River. There are walls 400 feet in height that land in the river, creating a beautiful site of icebergs that are breaking and floating in the water. 

This glacier is close to both the Anchorage and the Mat-Su valley and you can join a day tour to check it out as well as to see other attractions in the area. There are ATV tours available and you can also hike certain parts of the glacier.

One of the main attractions here though is the flights that can leave you right on top of the glacier. 

However, if you don’t want to get that close to the Knik Glacier, you can admire its beauty from the West Butte Trail, which is west of the Bodenburg Butte. 

7. Stroll to the Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier Melts Alaska

The Exit Glacier is just 15 miles away from Seward and you can reach it by foot, which will offer you a different type of experience. Seward is the place where most cruises start and end so you will come across it fairly easily.

It will take you only about half an hour to get to the Exit Glacier from Seward and the road is accessible for everyone who wants a closer view to it. 

This is not one of the biggest glaciers but it will offer you great views and many perfect spots for beautiful pictures. Plus, you will learn a lot about the movement of glaciers and be able to check a guide on the recession of the Exit Glacier for the past 120 years. 

And if this is not an adventure enough for you, you can always explore the Harding Icefield Trail. This trail will get you to a height of 3,500 feet over a four-mile of distance and once you get on top you will find amazing views of the glacier and its surroundings.

8. Book a room at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge


If you want a unique vacation with your friends, and family, or even a getaway with your significant other, it can’t get better than Kennicott Glacier Lodge. If you book a room here, you will have a breathtaking glacier view every time you look over the window or you hang out around the property. 

If there are no clouds, you can admire Mount Blackburn which is 16,390 feet in all its beauty. The only downside of this location is that it is not so accessible compared to other accommodations you might find. You can get to it after driving eight hours from Anchorage or taking a flight of two hours. 

For those who don’t want to stay at the property all day, despite the mesmerizing beauty that they can enjoy here, there are Kennicott Wilderness Guides that will give you ideas regarding things you can explore in the region. You can choose different glacier tours, ice climbing, and even explore the local wildlife. 

9. Visit the Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

If you are looking for the perfect combination between glaciers and wildlife beauty, this park should be on your to-visit list. Glacier Bay is home to more than 50 glaciers and it is split into two different arms to enjoy: the West and East arm. Over 40,000 tourists come to this area each year.

The most attractive glacier in the bay is the Margerie Glacier and it moves between 12 and 14 feet each day, which makes it so impressive. You can find this glacier on the West Arm of the park and several cruises will lead you here as well.

If you make it to this glacier, you will be greeted by seals and you will be able to admire the Grand Pacific Glacier as well.

If you would like to spend a few days here, you can find the best accommodation at the Glacier Bay Lodge and you can also enjoy some fishing and kayaking while you are here.

10. Visit the Alaskan Husky Homestead

Alaskan Husky Homestead

Visiting the Alaskan Husky Homestead in Glacier View is a fantastic opportunity to learn about dog sledding, interact with friendly Alaskan huskies, and immerse yourself in the unique culture of mushing. Here’s what you can expect from this experience:

The Alaskan Husky Homestead is a place dedicated to the training and care of Alaskan huskies, the iconic sled dogs of Alaska. These highly athletic and friendly dogs are integral to the history and culture of the region, and the homestead offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with them.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with the Huskies. You can learn about their training, care, and the role they play in dog sledding.

11. Play a round of golf with stunning mountain views as your backdrop

Glaciar View Alaska

While Glacier View is a small community, there is a golf course in the nearby area where you can indulge in this activity like the Moose Run Golf Course.

This is located in Fort Richardson near the city of Anchorage and is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts in the region.

It is approximately a two-hour drive from Glacier View. Moose Run Golf Course boasts breathtaking views of the Chugach Mountains and surrounding natural landscapes, providing a picturesque backdrop for your golfing experience.

12. Witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the dark skies of Glacier View

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

Witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, in the dark skies of Glacier View, Alaska is a truly captivating experience!

Glacier View, located in the heart of Alaska, offers excellent opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights. This celestial display occurs when charged particles from the sun collide with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere, creating beautiful and colorful lights dancing across the sky.

To increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, it’s best to visit during the winter months when the nights are longer and darker. The period from September to March typically provides the best viewing conditions, with clear skies and minimal light pollution contributing to optimal visibility.

Glacier View’s remote location and minimal light pollution make it an ideal spot for observing the Northern Lights. Away from the city lights, you’ll have a better chance of experiencing the full splendor of this natural phenomenon.

13. Experience an exhilarating zip line tour through the Alaskan wilderness

Alaskan wilderness

Zip lining is a popular outdoor activity that allows you to glide through the air along suspended cables while securely harnessed. In Glacier View, the zip line tour takes you on a thrilling journey through the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.

You’ll zip from one platform to another, soaring through the trees and across canyons. The feeling of wind rushing past you and the panoramic views of the rugged landscapes create a truly unforgettable experience.

You’ll get a unique perspective of Glacier View as you traverse the forest canopy and witness the untouched wilderness from a different angle.

14. Savor a delicious Alaskan salmon meal at a local restaurant

Alaskan salmon meal

Alaskan salmon is renowned for its exceptional flavor and high quality. It is known for its firm texture, rich taste, and vibrant color. When visiting a local restaurant in Glacier View, you can indulge in a variety of preparations and dishes featuring this prized fish.

Restaurants in Glacier View often source their salmon directly from local waters, ensuring the freshest and most sustainable seafood options. Whether it’s wild-caught or farm-raised, Alaskan salmon is a culinary highlight in the region, and chefs take pride in preparing it with skill and creativity.

Some popular choices include grilled salmon fillets, smoked salmon appetizers, salmon chowder, or even salmon burgers

15. Take a helicopter tour to witness the grandeur of glaciers and remote areas not accessible by foot

helicopter tour Glaciar View Alaska

Taking a helicopter tour in Glacier View, Alaska offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience. From the comfort of a helicopter, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the grandeur of the glaciers and explore remote areas that are otherwise inaccessible by foot.

As you soar through the sky, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking aerial perspective of the glaciers, allowing you to appreciate their immense size and stunning formations.

The helicopter’s vantage point offers panoramic views that simply cannot be replicated from the ground.

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