13 Things to Do in Mooresville, NC

Welcome to the charming town of Mooresville, North Carolina is a truly special destination. Nestled on the shores of Lake Norman, Mooresville is known as “Race City USA” for its close ties to the motorsports industry and its rich racing heritage.

With a population of over 38,000 residents, this vibrant town offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and modern amenities.

Mooresville is not just a place, it’s an experience. As you stroll through the historic downtown area, you’ll be transported back in time by the beautifully preserved buildings and the inviting storefronts. But don’t let the quaint facade fool you – beneath the surface, Mooresville is a thriving community with a dynamic economy and a commitment to progress.

As the hub of NASCAR racing, Mooresville attracts motorsports enthusiasts from all over the country. Home to over 60 racing teams and numerous racing-related businesses, this town has earned its reputation as the heart of the racing world.

But Mooresville isn’t just about racing. With its beautiful lakefront, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do, from boating and fishing to hiking and picnicking.

The town also boasts a vibrant arts scene, with local galleries, theaters, and cultural events that showcase the talents of its residents.

Let the adventure begin in Mooresville, where history, speed, and heartwarming moments await you!

Things to Do in Mooresville, NC

1. Visit Lake Norman

Lake Norman

Lake Norman is a stunning man-made lake located near Mooresville, North Carolina. Covering an impressive 32,510 acres, it is the largest artificial body of water in the state.

The lake was created in 1963 when the Cowans Ford Dam was built on the Catawba River. Named after former Duke Power president Norman Cocke, the lake serves as a water supply for several surrounding towns, including Mooresville.

Lake Norman offers a myriad of recreational opportunities, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Boating, fishing, water skiing, and paddleboarding are just a few of the activities you can enjoy on the lake’s clear blue waters.

2. Explore Race City USA

Mooresville proudly holds the nickname “Race City USA” due to its rich motorsports heritage. The city is home to numerous NASCAR race teams, drivers, and racing-related businesses, earning its reputation as a mecca for stock car racing enthusiasts.

Many top-tier NASCAR teams have their headquarters in Mooresville, making it a hub for racing technology and expertise.

One of the prominent attractions is the NASCAR Hall of Fame, which celebrates the sport’s legends and showcases iconic memorabilia.

Mooresville’s close ties to racing have left an indelible mark on the community, creating an exciting destination for motorsports aficionados and those curious about the thrilling world of NASCAR.

3. Discover Downtown Mooresville

mooresville downtown
Image source: visitmooresville.com

The town’s origins can be traced back to the 1850s when it was established as a depot on the newly built Carolina Central Railroad. Over the years, it evolved into a vibrant community, preserving its small-town character while embracing growth and development.

Strolling through downtown, you’ll find a collection of quaint shops, boutiques, and local eateries housed in beautifully restored buildings. The Historic Mooresville Depot, a treasured landmark, showcases the town’s heritage and serves as a reminder of its historical significance as a railroad hub.

Downtown Mooresville’s pedestrian-friendly streets invite leisurely walks, providing a sense of connection to the town’s past and present.

4. Experience Lazy 5 Ranch

Lazy 5 Ranch
Image source: visitlakenorman.org

Lazy 5 Ranch is an enchanting safari-style drive-thru zoo located near Mooresville, North Carolina. Spanning over 185 acres, this unique wildlife preserve offers visitors an up-close encounter with over 750 animals from around the world.

As you feed the animals from your car window, you’ll experience an unparalleled connection with these magnificent creatures. Lazy 5 Ranch is committed to conservation and education, making it an ideal destination for families and animal enthusiasts seeking an immersive and educational wildlife experience.

5. Learn at the Museum of History

The Mooresville Museum of History is a captivating destination that delves into the town’s past, preserving and showcasing its rich history.

Housed in a historic building, the museum’s exhibits and artifacts take visitors on a journey through time, presenting the area’s evolution from its early settlement to its significant contributions during various periods of American history.

The museum features a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide insights into the lives of Mooresville’s early settlers, its agricultural and industrial development, and the town’s role in events such as the Civil War and World War II.

6. Visit the NC Auto Racing Hall of Fame

North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Image source: patrickschneiderphoto.com

Located in Mooresville, the NC Auto Racing Hall of Fame pays homage to the legends, pioneers, and influential figures in the world of auto racing. The museum showcases a treasure trove of racing memorabilia, including vintage race cars, historic photographs, and artifacts that reflect the evolution of stock car racing in North Carolina and beyond.

For motorsports enthusiasts and racing history buffs, a visit to the NC Auto Racing Hall of Fame is an exhilarating experience that celebrates the storied heritage of the sport.

7. Step Back in Time at D.E. Turner Hardware

D.E. Turner Hardware is a beloved historic establishment in downtown Mooresville that transports visitors back to a bygone era. Operating since 1899, this family-owned hardware store has stood the test of time and remains a cherished landmark in the community.

Stepping through the doors of D.E. Turner Hardware is like stepping into a time capsule, as the store maintains its original charm with creaky wooden floors, nostalgic displays, and antique hardware. The store’s inventory features a wide range of goods, from traditional hardware supplies to vintage household items, gifts, and unique souvenirs.

D.E. Turner Hardware’s nostalgic ambiance and genuine hospitality make it a must-visit destination for those seeking to experience the charm of yesteryear while shopping for a piece of history.

8. Encounter Birds of Prey at Carolina Raptor Center

Carolina Raptor Center
Image source: visitnc.com

Carolina Raptor Center, located near Mooresville, North Carolina, is a captivating facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of birds of prey. As one of the largest raptor centers in the United States, it serves as a sanctuary for injured or orphaned birds, providing them with expert care and rehabilitation to return them to the wild whenever possible.

Visitors can experience up-close encounters with a variety of majestic birds, including owls, hawks, falcons, eagles, and vultures.

Throughout the year, Carolina Raptor Center hosts special events, bird releases, and educational workshops, making it an educational and interactive destination for individuals of all ages.

9. Relax at Jetton Park

Jetton Park is a picturesque lakeside oasis situated on the shores of Lake Norman in Cornelius, just minutes from Mooresville. The park offers a tranquil retreat with an array of recreational amenities amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

. Jetton Park also features playgrounds for children, volleyball courts, and gazebos that provide perfect spots for relaxation and family gatherings.

The park’s lush green spaces, colorful gardens, and scenic vistas of Lake Norman create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere.

10. Entertainment at Queens Landing

Queens Landing
Image source: visitlakenorman.org

Queens Landing is a lively entertainment complex situated on the shores of Lake Norman. Offering an array of activities and dining options, it is a popular destination for locals and visitors seeking a day of fun and relaxation.

The complex features scenic boat tours and dinner cruises aboard the “Lady of the Lake,” providing a unique perspective of Lake Norman’s stunning shoreline. Queens Landing also offers an arcade, mini-golf, and seasonal activities that cater to families and groups.

At night, visitors can enjoy live entertainment and music performances at the lakeside deck or indulge in delicious cuisine at the waterfront restaurants.

11. Go-Kart Racing at GoPro Motorplex

Zone Action Park People having fun at karting

For adrenaline enthusiasts, GoPro Motorplex is the perfect destination to experience high-speed go-kart racing. This world-class karting facility, located in Mooresville, offers an exhilarating racing experience for drivers of all skill levels.

Strap on a helmet, step into a high-performance kart and challenge their friends or family on the 0.7-mile track designed to replicate professional racing circuits.

With a focus on safety and thrilling racing action, GoPro Motorplex promises an unforgettable experience for racing enthusiasts and those looking to channel their inner race car driver on the track.

12. Race at The Pit Indoor Kart Racing

Indoor karting

If the weather is not great then you can head to the Pit Indoor Kart Racing which is an exciting destination for go-kart enthusiasts in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The facility features a challenging, multi-level track with twists, turns, and thrilling straightaways, designed to deliver an authentic and exhilarating kart racing experience.

In addition to go-karting, The Pit offers arcade games and an interactive gaming area, making it a perfect destination for group outings, birthday parties, and corporate events.

With safety as a top priority, The Pit ensures all drivers receive proper instruction and safety gear to enjoy a safe and action-packed racing experience.

13. Play Golf at Mooresville Golf Club

Mooresville Golf Club
Image source: golfnorthcarolina.com

Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the picturesque Mooresville Golf Club, a beautiful and well-maintained 18-hole golf course in Mooresville, North Carolina. Nestled in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region, the course provides a challenging and enjoyable golfing experience for players of all skill levels.

Mooresville Golf Club boasts lush fairways, well-manicured greens, and scenic views of the surrounding landscape. As you navigate the course’s strategic layout, you’ll encounter natural hazards and water features that add to the golfing excitement.

The club offers amenities such as a driving range, practice greens, and a clubhouse with dining options, making it an ideal destination for a full day of golfing enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mooresville NC known for?

Mooresville, NC, is known for its nickname “Race City, USA,” due to its connection to the NASCAR racing industry, including the presence of several racing teams and the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Does Mooresville have a downtown?

Yes, Mooresville has a downtown area known as “Historic Mooresville Depot” with shops, restaurants, and historical sites.

What does Mooresville NC have to offer?

Mooresville offers a blend of historic charm, outdoor activities on Lake Norman, a vibrant downtown, and access to the racing industry.

Is Mooresville NC a nice place to live?

Many people find Mooresville, NC, a nice place to live due to its family-friendly environment, good schools, and proximity to Lake Norman.

What outdoor recreational activities are available in Mooresville?

Outdoor recreational activities in Mooresville include boating, fishing, hiking, and exploring Lake Norman State Park.

How far is Mooresville from Charlotte, NC?

Mooresville is approximately 30 miles north of Charlotte, NC, making it a convenient suburban location.

Are there any annual events or festivals in Mooresville?

Mooresville hosts annual events and festivals like “Race City Festival” and “Tawba Walk Arts & Music Festival.”

What are the local dining and restaurant options in Mooresville?

Local dining options in Mooresville include a variety of restaurants, such as Epic Chophouse, Alino Pizzeria, and local breweries like Ghostface Brewing.

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