Movies That Can Inspire You to Travel

Salaam City Tanzania

Sitting on the couch and watching a movie can make our minds wander to distant places. Have you ever asked yourself where a scene was filmed and then made a fast Google search to find out? Some of the most popular tourist attractions were made famous by their appearances in movies and TV shows. In this fun article, I’ll show you our favorite movies that can inspire you to travel. 

1. The Lord of the Rings

Not a typical way to start the list, since this is one of the best epic-fantasy movies of all time, but (if you haven’t watched it yet) it features some of the most breathtaking scenes in the history of Hollywood. The best part about it: you can visit them!

The whole movie was filmed in New Zealand. Mamata (the Shire), Kaitoke Regional Park (Rivendell), and Mount Ngauruhoe (Mordor) are just some of the locations open to the public.

2. The Bucket List

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two cancer patients that decided to go trip and visit everything on their bucket list before their time comes. The filming locations include France, China, India, Nepal, Tanzania, and Egypt. Even though the idea behind the movie is tragic, it has many funny moments and brings the watcher on an adventure around the world. 

3. Into the Wild 

This movie was made based on the book with the same name. It follows the wild Alaskan adventure of Christopher McCandless. The beautiful scenes you will see in this movie will inspire you to put on your boots and go hiking in these incredible filming locations.

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4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty has a boring job but his imagination takes him to faraway places. How many of you can relate? Life takes him on an adventure across the Globe. The movie was filmed in Iceland and Greenland and features beautiful landscapes as a backdrop for the story.

5. The Beach

Filmed in Thailand and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie is about an American man who travels to Bangkok and learns about a secret island. He goes in search of it and finds a community of settlers living there.

Ko Phi Phi Le Thailand

The movie was filmed in Ko Phi Phi Le, but the location is temporarily closed to the public because of overtouristm, and expected to be reopened in the near future. 

6. Lion

The movie follows an Indian man who was adopted by an Australian family when he was a child and got lost far away from home. In his early 30s, he embarks on an adventure to India to look for his biological family. The scenes were filmed in beautiful locations in Tasmania, India, and Australia, and they’ll definitely inspire you to visit them yourself. 

7. Aladdin

And we’re talking about the live-action remake of the classic Disney cartoon. Even though Agrabah is a fictional location, the movie set was made after the busy and vibrant streets of Morocco. As soon as you’ll step onto Moroccan soil, you’ll find yourself in a Disney fairy tale. Other locations used for the movie were Wadi Rum Nature Reserve in Jordan and the Amman Citadel. 

Wadi Rum Nature Reserve Jordan

If you didn’t watch these movies, now it’s the perfect time to throw some popcorn in the microwave and ready yourself for an adventure from your couch!

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