10 Safest Cities to Visit in USA

In a world where safety and security are paramount concerns for travelers, the United States offers a wealth of destinations that prioritize the well-being of their visitors.

As you embark on your journey to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures across this vast nation, one of the most critical factors to consider is the safety of your chosen destination.

These cities have earned their reputations as havens of tranquility, boasting low crime rates and welcoming atmospheres that make them ideal destinations for both domestic and international travelers.

According to recent crime statistics, these cities have consistently maintained low crime rates, ensuring that your travel experience is not only memorable but also secure.

Discover the remarkable blend of culture, nature, and security that awaits you in the 10 safest cities to visit in the USA.

Safest Cities to Visit in USA

Naperville, Illinois

Naperville, Illinois

Naperville, Illinois, consistently tops the charts as one of the safest cities in the United States. This suburban gem, located just west of Chicago, offers visitors a blend of tranquility and convenience.

With its charming downtown area, picturesque Riverwalk, and low crime rates, Naperville is an inviting destination for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

Irvine, California

Irvine, California

Nestled in Orange County, Irvine, California, is renowned for its commitment to safety. This master-planned city offers travelers a wide range of attractions, from lush parks and nature reserves to vibrant cultural experiences.

If you’re planning on exploring the Irvine Spectrum Center, taking a stroll through its meticulously manicured neighborhoods, or enjoying the coastal proximity, Irvine’s low crime rates ensure a stress-free visit.

Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah

Provo, located in the scenic Utah Valley, is not only famous for its stunning natural beauty but also its safety. Surrounded by the majestic Wasatch Mountains, Provo offers travelers a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of outdoor activities.

Here you can go hiking in nearby national parks, exploring Brigham Young University’s campus, or simply enjoying the friendly community, Provo is a city where safety and adventure go hand in hand.

The Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands, a master-planned community nestled near Houston, Texas, is a prime example of a safe and welcoming destination.

With its focus on family-friendly living, abundant green spaces, and low crime rates, it’s an attractive place for both residents and visitors.

Visitors can explore the Woodlands Waterway, attend concerts at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and enjoy a sense of security throughout their stay.

Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, consistently ranks among the safest cities in the USA. This Dallas-Fort Worth suburb offers visitors a blend of urban amenities and a secure environment.

Travelers can discover the city’s diverse dining scene, shop at the upscale Legacy West development, or explore the historic downtown district, all while benefiting from Plano’s low crime rates.

Frisco, Texas

Frisco TX

Just north of Dallas, Frisco, Texas, is another city known for its commitment to safety. This rapidly growing city boasts modern amenities, family-friendly attractions, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Here you can explore the National Videogame Museum, visit the Frisco Heritage Museum, or catch a game at the Ford Center at The Star, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a visit to one of the safest cities in the USA.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida above

Located on Florida’s picturesque Atlantic Coast, Port St. Lucie is a city that combines a relaxed coastal vibe with a strong commitment to safety.

Enjoy pristine beaches, explore the lush Savannas Preserve State Park, or partake in various water activities along the St. Lucie River—all while feeling secure in this welcoming Florida city.

Cary, North Carolina

Cary, North Carolina

Cary, a part of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park region, is a city that stands out for its exceptional quality of life and safety.

Visitors can explore the town’s green spaces, attend cultural events at the Cary Arts Center, or simply stroll through the charming downtown area with the assurance of being in one of the safest cities in the USA.

Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert AZ from above

Gilbert, a vibrant suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, is celebrated for its low crime rates and strong sense of community.

Travelers can discover the Gilbert Heritage District, where historical charm meets modern amenities, or explore the town’s numerous parks and outdoor recreational areas, all while enjoying the security that Gilbert is known for.

Murrieta, California

Murrieta, California

Situated in Southern California’s scenic landscape, Murrieta offering a delightful blend of safety and a pleasant climate.

If you’re exploring the city’s charming Old Town district, hiking in the nearby Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, or simply basking in the sunshine, Murrieta provides a secure environment for visitors to enjoy their California adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest city in USA to visit?

The concept of the “safest city” can vary, but some of the cities often mentioned for safety in the USA include Honolulu, Hawaii; Irvine, California; and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Where is the safest place to vacation in the US?

When it comes to safe vacation spots in the US, places like Aspen, Colorado; Burlington, Vermont; and Portland, Maine, are often considered secure destinations.

Where is the least crime in the US?

Cities with low crime rates in the US can include places like Plano, Texas; Naperville, Illinois; and Provo, Utah, which are known for having some of the lowest crime rates in the country.

What is the safest region in the US?

The concept of the safest region in the US can be subjective, but New England, including states like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, is often considered a relatively safe region due to its lower crime rates.

What state has least crime?

Vermont is often cited as the state with the least crime in the US, consistently ranking as one of the safest states in terms of violent and property crime rates.

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