15 Things to Do in Yorktown, VA

Ever thought about traveling back in time while still having Wi-Fi? That’s Yorktown, VA for you! It’s like history had a playful collision with modern fun. If you’re up for exploring a place that’s part storybook, part awesome adventure, you’re in the right cobblestone-paved corner.

Nestled along the banks of the York River in Virginia’s Tidewater region, Yorktown holds a profound historical significance. Dating back to its establishment in 1691, it was one of the original ports of entry to the American colonies, playing a vital role in regional trade and commerce.

Today, its well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone streets offer a glimpse into 18th-century life.

However, Yorktown is most renowned for the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, a pivotal moment during the American Revolutionary War. It was here that British forces under General Cornwallis surrendered to the American and French armies, effectively signaling the end of British rule in the American colonies.

Notably, Yorktown’s historical importance extends beyond the Revolutionary War. During the American Civil War in 1862, it was a focal point of Union siege as part of the Peninsula Campaign, with remnants of earthworks and fortifications still visible today.

Yorktown’s rich history reflects America’s own narrative, making it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nation’s heritage.

Get ready, as we uncover 15 Things to do in Yorktown, VA, revealing a tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored!

Things to Do in Yorktown, VA

1. Step Back to the Revolution

Yorktown Battlefield

Imagine it’s 1781, and General George Washington and his crew are going head-to-head with the British forces of Lord Cornwallis.  

Yorktown Battlefield holds immense historical importance as the site where the decisive battle of the American Revolutionary War concluded in 1781. The cannons, earthworks, and historic buildings that stand today offer a tangible connection to the past.

The Battlefield Loop Tour road guides you through this significant landscape, providing insights into the battle’s unfolding. It’s like history class, but without the snooze-fest. There’s a Visitor Center with cool things to see and a movie to watch too.

Spoiler alert: Washington’s team takes the win! You can explore the very grounds where this epic showdown went down.

2. Chillax at Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach

Who says history buffs can’t have beach days? Yorktown Beach is your ticket to sandy picnics, sun-soaked relaxation, and maybe even some kayaking or paddleboarding. This beach, though not historically significant, provides a relaxing atmosphere for friends and families to unwind.

The sandy shores invite sunbathing, while the calm waters beckon you to take a refreshing dip. Plus, there’s a Riverwalk nearby that’s perfect for bike rides or leisurely strolls. You can even pedal your way to the battlefield – talk about multitasking!

3. Museum Time, Revolution Style

Revolution Museum at Yorktown
Image source: Tripadvisor.com

If you’re into cool stories and people dressed in snazzy old-timey outfits, the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is a must-visit. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is a captivating journey into the birth of a nation.

With exhibits, reenactments, and period clothing, the museum brings the 18th century to life. The guides, dressed in attire from that era, transport you back to pivotal moments.

Indoors, you can explore exhibitions that vividly narrate the story of America’s transformation. But wait, there’s more! They also have outdoor shows and movies that bring history to life right before your eyes.

4. Yorktown Victory Monument

Yorktown Victory Monument

Ever seen a statue that makes you go, “Wow, that’s huge!”? That’s exactly what you’ll say when you lay eyes on the Yorktown Victory Monument. The towering Yorktown Victory Monument stands tall in honor of the pivotal battle that occurred in 1781.

This impressive structure commemorates the American victory with its historic significance. The monument is not just an architectural marvel; it’s a symbol of triumph. 

Its presence is a reminder of the sacrifices made and the determination that led to victory. Plus, it’s surrounded by a neat grassy field, perfect for running around or just sitting and soaking up the historic vibes.

5. Riverwalk Landing

Riverwalk Yorktown VA

If you’re into scenic walks that feel like a dream, you’ve got to check out Riverwalk Landing. It’s like a red carpet for your feet, leading you to some seriously cool sights. Think of beautiful views of the river, charming shops, and even spots to munch on delicious treats.

And guess what? If you’re on a bike, you’re in for a treat. This path is just waiting for you to pedal your way to adventure. And who knows, you might even spot a dolphin or two playing in the water!

6. Yorktown Ghost Walk

Alright, let’s take a turn into the mysterious and spooky side of Yorktown – the Ghost Walk! As the sun sets, join a guided after-dark walking tour that leads you through dimly lit streets.

Listen to bone-chilling ghost stories and unearth the town’s haunted history. The mysterious atmosphere adds to the excitement, making it an adventure you won’t forget.

7. Watermen’s Museum

Watermen's Museum
Image source: visityorktown.org

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like on the high seas, the Watermen’s Museum is your golden ticket. This place is like a treasure chest filled with all things maritime. Discover the craftsmanship behind boat-building as you uncover the techniques that watermen used to create vessels for their fishing adventures.

Don’t just read about history – experience it! Participate in nautical activities and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of those who navigated the river’s waters.

The museum showcases the vital contributions of watermen to the community and the region’s growth. Their stories are a testament to the importance of the river in shaping Yorktown’s history.

8. Yorktown Sailing Charters

Yorktown Sailing Charters

If you’ve ever daydreamed about feeling the wind in your hair as you glide across the water, Yorktown Sailing Charters is ready to make that dream a reality.

Hop aboard a beautiful sailboat and let the crew take you on a journey you won’t forget. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a landlubber, this is an experience for everyone.

You’ll get to see the sights from a whole new angle and maybe even lend a hand in raising the sails. Ahoy, fun times ahead!

9. Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center

Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center
Image source: recreation.gov

Prepare to be transported through time and history at the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center. This place is like a portal to the past, where you can learn about the Revolutionary War and the epic showdown that happened right here. 

With exhibits that come to life, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action. And don’t forget to grab some cool souvenirs from the gift shop – your friends will be jealous of your historical swag!

10. Patriot Tours and Provisions

Patriot Tours and Provisions
Image source: visitwilliamsburg.com

Ready for some two-wheeled and watery adventures? Patriot Tours and Provisions is here to make it happen! You can rent bikes and cruise through town, taking in the sights at your own pace.

And if you’re feeling more aquatic, grab a kayak or paddleboard and hit the water. It’s like having a mini-adventure vacation in one place. Plus, the friendly folks here will give you all the insider tips you need to have an unforgettable time.

11. Yorktown Trolley Tour

Yorktown Trolley Tour
Image source: gowilliamsburg.com

If you’re in the mood for sightseeing with a side of fun, hop on the Yorktown Trolley Tour! It’s like a magical history ride that takes you around town and spills the beans on all the coolest spots.

You’ll learn fascinating facts and hear stories that will make you go, “Whoa, I didn’t know that!”

Plus, it’s super convenient – you can just sit back, relax, and let the trolley do the driving. Oh, and don’t forget to wave at the locals – you’re on a fun-filled adventure!

12. Yorktown Market Days

Farmers Market

Yorktown Market Days is your one-stop shop for all things awesome. Imagine strolling through rows of colorful stalls, finding unique crafts, delicious treats, and maybe even a funky vintage find. It’s like a treasure hunt where every booth holds a surprise.

And the best part? You can munch on tasty snacks while you shop, making it a win-win situation. So grab your wallet and your appetite – this market is ready to make your day!

13. Yorktown Antique Mall

The Yorktown Antique Mall is a time machine that takes you back to eras gone by. Imagine shelves filled with quirky trinkets, classic furniture, and maybe even a retro outfit that’s just calling your name. It’s like stepping into a movie set from the past.

Who knows, you might find a treasure that has its own story to tell. So get ready to browse, shop, and embrace the charm of days gone by.

14. Fishing and Boating


Hold onto your fishing hats, because Yorktown is a paradise for all things fishing and boating. If you’re into casting your line and waiting for the perfect catch, you’re in luck.

Head to the river or beach, pick your spot, and get ready to reel in some fun memories. And if boating is more your style, you’re in for a treat. 

With calm waters and scenic views, you’ll feel like the captain of your own adventure. So pack your sunscreen and your fishing gear – it’s time to make a splash!

15. Picnic and Play at Yorktown’s Parks

Yorktown's Parks

Feeling like a day of simple joys and outdoor fun? Yorktown’s parks have got you covered! Pack a picnic basket full of your favorite treats and head to one of the town’s charming parks.

Spread out a blanket, indulge in some tasty bites, and let the laughter flow. Whether you’re with family, friends, or flying solo, the parks offer a green oasis where you can toss a frisbee, have a friendly game of catch, or just relax under the open sky.

It’s like a mini vacation within your vacation, a chance to unwind and soak up the easygoing atmosphere of Yorktown.

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