10 Things to Do in Delta CO

Things to Do in Delta CO

Delta is a beautiful yet small Colorado town with a little over 9,000 inhabitants. It is the home rule municipality and county seat of Delta County and has a lot to offer to its locals and visitors. If you are passing through Delta, Colorado, or you are planning a city break here, there are several exciting things that you can do to add value to your trip.

1. Confluence Park

Confluence Park is one of the best recreational areas in Delta, Colorado. Here you will find a lake and beautiful picnic areas for a pleasant afternoon with your friends and family. Parking will not be a problem, and the park is close to many food places and grocery stores if you want to bring snacks. 

It is a great place to play golf disc or go for a ride on your bike and catch some fresh air. For those who love birdwatching, this park is also one of the best places in Delta. There are several playgrounds so the children will be entertained as well. You will find this park at Gunnison River Dr., Delta, CO 81416, USA.

2. Delta County Museum

You can attend the Delta County Museum in town if you like museums. This museum is in a firehouse and hosts many exciting artifacts representing local history. 

The museum has clothes exhibitions, toys, house items, decorations, and early farming utensils that you will find interesting. But some of the most exciting exhibits are those of dinosaur bones and butterflies. 

You will find plenty of interesting items here, and you will need at least two hours to check out all this museum offers. 

3. Sweitzer Lake State Park

Another park that is worth a visit is the Sweitzer Lake State Park. You should expect to spend at least two to three hours here to get the beauty of the place. Be aware that there is not much shade available, so you will be walking in the sun if you explore this park on a hot day. 

The lake in the park is beautiful, and there are plenty of picnic areas where you can relax. You can safely swim in the lake and get some tan as well. The rangers are extremely helpful and friendly if you need any information. 

4. Fort Uncompahgre

Are you looking for an exquisite experience while you are in Delta? Check out the Fort Uncompahgre. This attractive place represents a replica that is very close to the perfection of a Historic Trading Post from the 1830s. You will get an image of the Old Spanish Trail and have plenty of occasions to take unique pictures. 

While you are here, you will learn about fur trading and meet exciting and knowledgeable people that can guide you towards your trip in time. You can easily spend one hour here, but once you are charmed by this place, you should give it more time. The Fort is located at 440 North Palmer, Delta, CO 81416, and it is open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

5. Iron Pony Art and Antiques

Iron Pony is the place store in town for those who love art and antiques. It is cozy and welcoming, and the staff will be amiable. Here you can find vintage and unique items that will surely spark your interest. 

At Iron Pony, you will mostly find Chinese artifacts, Carnival objects, and household objects. They are in excellent condition, and the prices vary according to how old and rare they are. Find this store at 660 Main St, Delta, CO 81416-1827, and stop at one of the restaurants nearby to grab a bite.

6. Skydiving Adventures

For those who love skydiving, Delta, Colorado, offers the opportunity to explore this hobby. You can jump out of an airplane from 7,500 feet above the ground. You will enjoy unique views of the Black Canyon and Grand Mesa as you flow toward the ground. 

Contact Ultimate Skydiving Adventures to make an appointment for such a fantastic experience! The price per jump is between $250 and $350, and you will get high-quality pictures of your experience too. 

7. Devil’s Thumb Golf Club

If you have a few hours to spend, why not play some golf? The Devil’s Thumb Golf Club is in a beautiful natural scenery, ideal for beginners and players with more experience. You will find this golf club at the base of Grand Mesa, and you will be able to admire views of the mountains as you enjoy playing golf. 

Their website is constantly updated with the latest weather, course conditions, and schedule, so make sure you check it out.

8. Egyptian Theatre

The Egyptian Theatre is a great place to check out a good movie. It has a unique decor that follows the Egyptian theme and the acoustics are perfect for an exciting experience. 

This Theatre is the perfect mix between history themes and modern accents, and you can enjoy the latest movie releases here. Besides great movies, the theatre hosts concerts and other live events worth seeing if you like art. The Egyptian Theatre is on Main Street, in a building that dates back to 1928. 

9. Island Lake Campground

The Island Lake Campground is breathtaking! Besides the fact that you will enjoy the beautiful lake and unique scenarios, the area also offers exciting trails, and there are boat launches if you want to sail. 

It is a fantastic place to spend an entire afternoon and enjoy a picnic with great company. Take your camera with you as you will have plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful pictures, especially if you catch the sunset here.

10. Delta Family Fun Park

As its name suggests, Delta Family Fun Park is a great place to spend time with your family! Children will love it here, and it is also a favorite park for locals. 

Here you will find fun activities to join, such as miniature golf, and you will get to spend plenty of quality time with your loved ones. The batting cages are another popular attraction of the Delta Family Park. If you need any help, the staff will support you with all your requests. 

Find this park behind the city market, 227 N. Palmer Street, and spend a fun day with your kids.


Delta, Colorado, might be a small city, but it offers a lot. There are activities for children and adults, and beautiful nature is all around.