8 Things To Do In Novi, MI

Things to Do in Novi, MI

Novi, MI, is a city located within Oakland County, approximately 8 miles northwest of Detroit. According to a 2020 census, Novi is a city of 66,243 inhabitants.

The city was first organized in the year 1832 but was not incorporated into the country as a city until 1969. The name Novi came from the wife of a local resident looking for a name. Since its establishment as a city, it has continued to rank high in Michigan as the fastest-growing city. It is known for being the main shopping center in the area and has made several lists in terms of being one of the best cities in the country. With this growth and national attention, this city has been working hard to attract people into its city, and so far, it has worked as the population has been rapidly expanding within the last three decades.

1. Twelve Oak Mall

Twelve Oak Mall Novi

Twelve Oak mall is the mall that made Novi the main shopping center. This huge mall has close to 185 stores and restaurants lining its walls, making it one of the largest shopping malls in all of Michigan. It has all the major stores you would expect to find in a mall of this size, including Macy’s and JCPenney. Walking inside this mall could easily lead to an adventure you would not expect to have in a mall.

However, this mall can show you new and exciting stores that will keep you guessing what will come next and make you hold on to your wallet because budgets will go out the window in a mall like this. Once the shopping is done, go to the food court, rest your feet, and grab some good food. This mall was the mall that made Novi what it is today, walk inside and see why it has acquired such a title. 

2. Emagine Theatres Novi

Emagine Theatres Novi Mi

Two of the biggest movie theater chains are Regal and AMC. Most people are aware of these household movie theatres, but you can hit the jackpot with Emagine Movie theatre in Michigan. This movie theatre is built for luxury and will provide you with the best experience you have had at a movie theatre.

First, get lost at the concessions stand where they serve stone-fired pizza and have a full bar. Then when you walk into the movie theatre, it is another experience as well. They have D-Box seats that move along with the movie to make you feel you are actually in the movie. Then they have seat-side food and drinks service; if that is not enough, they even have valet parking.

This movie theatre goes out of there way to make sure you know you matter. So ditch the AMCs and Regals, and make your way over to Emagine Theatres. 

3. Bar Louie Novi

Bar Louie Novi Mi

The unique thing about going into different bars in different cities is they all are different, and they can tell you a story about the city itself. Bar Louie has many locations, but only one is in Novi, and looking at their menu will show you where you are. This bar emphasizes customer satisfaction, so they critique their menus to what the public likes. Get lost in their fried chicken flatbread or go on the wild side with the blue wedge with seared chicken; either selection will leave you satisfied.

Then don’t forget to grab a drink, which this bar does not lack. This bar can make for a good family night out and can be that one place that stands out when you look back because a night out with the family is often the one moment that lives on forever in your mind. 

4. Paradise Park

Paradise Park Novi, MI

With Novi becoming the centerpiece of Michigan, they have invested in having an attraction to bring people in, and Paradise Park is one of those attractions. This park comprises 11 individual attractions, a full-service bar, and party packages. This park is not only for children but for adults as well. They have Go-Karts, Laser Tag, a fun slide, and much more to be seen at this park.

It can help bring out the childish side of you as an adult. There is no limit to how much fun someone can have at this park, so grab the family and take them to Paradise Park; this location will keep you busy all day and night. It’s the true fun center of Paradise Park. 

5. WhirlyBall

This indoor bumper car location hosts corporate meetings, block parties, and family reunions. This location is a fun destination for adults looking to find some relief. If you are feeling stressed from a vacation, nothing feels better than driving in a car that is too small for you and ramming into other people, and it also doesn’t hurt that they have two full bars.

Then when you are done with the cars, you could grab some food as they offer full catering, and then play some billiards. It can be an excellent team-building location but also a family bonding experience. This little indoor fun zone is the place that needs to be in the top five of your list when it comes to sites just to let loose.

6. Escape Room

Escape Room in Novi Michigan

Everyone loves a moment to be a little afraid or channel their inner Scooby-Doo. The escape room in Novi has ten different escapes that you and your family could try, each with its themes and difficulty level. It’s a great place to build teamwork and trust amongst each other because everyone’s heads will have to come together if you escape these rooms.

This escape room even goes one step further with the fun by offering two different mini-games you could indulge in. They work hard to throw curve balls your way and keep you guessing so that if you finally do escape, you can feel like you truly accomplished something. 

7. Novi Town Center

Novi is growing in population size and becoming a more attractive place to live, but it is still a small city compared to most. So while it is still small, take the chance to go to their town center. This town center opposite the Twelve Oak Mall is small and intimate, so if large crowds are not your thing, then this may be the place for you. This town center has forty shops and restaurants.

What makes this center different from the mall is it provides more of a chance to support Novis small businesses and find items unique to Novi and Michigan. So don’t be afraid to make your way to the center and find that one item that could last you a lifetime. 

8. Putting Edge

Putting Edge Novi Mi

This mini-golf location is guaranteed to be a different experience than most locations. Not only do they offer an 18-hole black light experience, but they also have an arcade. You could find yourself going from playing some mini-golf to playing a classic game of Pacman in no time.

The course not only has black lighting, but it plays up-to-date music that will keep your ears ringing through your experience and have excellent images littered through the course to keep you laughing and making the task of getting the ball in the hole all the more difficult.

This course has so many bells and whistles that you could feel you are in this never-ending fun house. Then, of course, grab some food and relax for the rest of your stay when it is all said and done. Could you imagine a better way to end a night out?


Novi is quickly exploding in Michigan and the country as a destination to live, but they are also quickly becoming a tourist destination. There is endless shopping that can be done, but there are plenty of places to have fun, which takes the children and just relaxation. The city itself is like a funhouse.

Once you get off the plane, you will find yourself on your feet a lot; that is just how much stuff there is to do in Novi. Michigan is sometimes known for its cold year-round temperatures or for being more of a blue-collar state, but even blue-collar workers sometimes need some fun and relaxation, which is what Movie is trying to provide.

So make your way out to Novi, don’t forget to pack your heavy jacket, of course, and see the fun and excitement this city has to offer. It will be an experience that you will never forget.