8 Things to Do in Turlock, CA 

Things to Do in Turlock, CA

Turlock, CA, is a city located within Stanislaus county. According to a 2020 census, the city is home to 72,740 residents. With a population of this size, it is the second-largest city within the county behind Modesto.

Turlock was incorporated into the country in 1908 and derived its name from the Irish village of Turlough. Although incorporated in 1908, the city was first founded in 1871 and was a very prosperous settlement until becoming an official city. After its incorporation, it became an agricultural hub, but along with the boom came racially charged altercations between the Japanese and American workers. Over time the city fixed its racial issues and continued on its prosperous route, even having a housing boom in the 1980s and 90s. With this boom came a boom in revenue which the city incorporated into its attractions.

1. Carnegie Arts Center

Carnegie Art Center was opened in 1916, and this art exhibit has a long history, including a renovation in 2011. This center is one of the few art centers found throughout the Central Valley Area. There is an assortment of things to keep you, and the family preoccupied. It’s common for someone to spend an entire day in this center. You can, of course, look at the quality art pieces that flood the building, attend some of their educational classes, or even witness a lecture and learn about the history of the museum and the history of art.

Another benefit of coming to this center is that 25% of its programming is dedicated to children and teens. Your children will not just feel like this is a boring art museum but feel like this is a place that caters to them as well. It will be a great family bonding day and see beautiful art pieces. 

2. Regal Cinemas Turlock Stadium 14 Movie Theater

Regal Cinemas Turlock Stadium 14 Movie Theater

Regal cinema is the second-largest movie theater chain in the world, and there is a reason. It provides good services and, better yet, good movies. Every movie theater experience is not the same; everyone is unique in their way. This movie theater is particular because crowd control is always reasonable, unlike some in the big cities.

This city has less than 100,000 people meaning there is a good chance that even on the weekend, the movie theater will be open to you and your family with no delay. Sometimes a movie feels better when it is in a different city. Some take the family, grab the iconic popcorn, and have a blast watching the latest new film. 

3. Cigar Vault 

Smoking cigars is a tradition that goes back a long time. This cigar lounge is, of course, not the place for children, but if you are a cigar-loving person, then this is the place for you. You could bring your adult friends or bring some new friends you made in the city, take a seat and smoke some of the finest cigars Turlock has to offer. 

The one thing better than smoking a cigar is smoking a cigar with a drink in your hand, and don’t worry, the cigar vault has you covered. It’s the ultimate experience to sit and have a laugh or relax. The Cigar Vault is where all your worries go away, and the fun begins. 

4. La Mo Restaurant and Cafe

The area of Turlock is a predominant Latin area, so it would only make sense to indulge in the Latin cuisine. No better place than La Mo Restaurant and Cafe so that you can come either in the morning or the night. Either way, it will be a wonderful experience that will go down in the history books.

This family-run business has aimed to provide high-quality service while supporting the local community by only buying food products from local markets. You can have the chance to eat in their courtyard and enjoy their assortment of food, from burritos to enchiladas.

They even offer classic Latin pastries that are sure to feel that space in your stomach. This quiet, popular restaurant will leave you satisfied and give you a new perspective on Latin food because it doesn’t get any better than getting the food straight from the source itself. So take a peek inside and have a good time. 

5. Tuolumne River Trail

Sunshine is often the most recommended thing for people. Walking while the sun is out will rejuvenate you and make you feel new again. What better place to have that walk than the Tuolumne River trail, which works as a hiking trail and a bike trail. It would be the moment to take a walk, clear your mind, catch a tan, or do whatever you want. This 3.4-mile trail has everything you need. Even as the name suggests, it has a river that runs parallel to it so you can have a walk, run, or bike ride with a beautiful river beside you.

It can sound unentertaining until you actually walk down the trail, look around, see the river, see the hills on the horizon and realize how much beauty and joy just simply taking a walk can be.

Whether you are a walker, biker, jogger, or none of the above, this trail is filled with beauty and can easily make you smile. Take the chance and enjoy yourself or take the time to relax and plan out your next adventure. You surely won’t regret it. 

6. Turlock Golf and Country Club

Turlock Golf and Country Club

Golfing can be one of the most peaceful and thought-provoking sports a person can play. It’s like playing chess but on a much larger platform. At this golf and country club, be ready to see one of California’s most beautiful golf courses. This 18-hole course also has the distinguished honor of being the oldest in the Turlock area, and it comes equipped with all the things you would expect to find on a golf course. You will see bunkers, waterways, etc.

They even offer classes if you genuinely want to improve your skills, and you may even have the chance to learn from PGA pros themselves. It is the perfect little getaway and a country club, so style and class are their mottos. So Walk-in, enjoy a few holes and prepare for a relaxing day. 

7. Great Valley Museum

Great Valley Museum Turlock Front Of The Building
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The great valley museum has a two-pronged goal. First, they want to preserve the environment, and they want to encourage people to find solace in science, and they do an excellent job at both. They provide interactive exhibits so you and your family can learn new things about the environment and the animals that inhabit them.

It’s a learning experience meant to show people why they should care about the environment. If you want your kids to learn about the environment in a fun way, then this museum is the place to be. They even have a planetarium for those looking to see some plants. This planetarium is an open area where you can see some exotic plants that can only be found in the immediate Turlock area. 

8. Rembrandt and Rose 

Have you ever wished you could paint the next masterpiece while sipping a glass of wine? Now you no longer have to wait, thanks to Rembrandt and Rose. This interactive shop combines the love of some people for wine and art and puts them into one class that is a blast. It is a calm, relaxing environment with soft music playing in the background for pleasure. It is a moment when you feel like a child but simultaneously engage in adult activities.

They even welcome beginners, so it’s an all-encompassing environment that will leave you with not only a stained shirt but your tastebuds satisfied. So take a peek inside, have fun, and let loose. This shop is the ultimate place to have fun and create the next Picasso. 


Turlock has grown so much in the century it has been around. It has invested in its infrastructure so much that even for a city with so few inhabitants, it still maintains attractions applying to tourists. The Turlock area is known for its agricultural reputation, but there is so much more than this area has to offer.

It could be small enough to call home, but it has so much to do it can feel like you are wandering through the streets of Italy. Everywhere you turn, there are just new exciting things to do that will always keep you on your toes.

Suppose you’re looking for a vacation destination that does an excellent job of adding culture and history while staying modern and appealing. In that case, Turlock is probably the city you have never heard of, but it will soon be the city you will never forget.