7 Things to Do in Griffin, GA

Griffin, Georgia is a small city in Spalding County with a population of 23,000. Established in 1840, it is currently home to a branch of the University of Georgia and is known for being the birthplace of several NFL, NBA, and politicians, as well as musicians.

This small town, whose population has decreased in recent years, has produced a stockpile of individuals who have contributed to society. With that notoriety comes the tourists who come to see where these very people grew up.

So, of course, when tourists come around, you need attractions to keep them around as long as possible, and Griffins has done a good job of that.

They have worked to make their city inviting and homely, so when people arrive they feel that southern charm Georgians are used to giving. 

We are going to go over the 7 things you need to do in Griffin, GA and the places you need to see when you visit this city.

Things to Do in Griffin, GA

1. Doc Holliday’s family home

Every state has its own historical landmarks, and Georgia being one of the original thirteen colonies has a history chamber that runs deep. This house was the early home to Doc Holliday, a cowboy who is best known for his shootout in the gunfight at OK Corral. He was also a registered dentist. 

Get a look into the world of a man who went from practicing dentistry to killing several men in his life as a cowboy. Looking at someone’s childhood home can always give you a little insight into who they were and how they came to be who they became.

Sometimes it will raise more questions than answers, but that is the fun part about visiting someone’s house. Also, it will give a look at what houses looked like in the 19th century. A little history lesson for the family goes a long way toward perspective. 

2. Rue Colline Art Gallery

Seeing art from different parts of the country reminds you how all art is different. What Rue Colline Art Gallery aims to do is show you the art most associated with central Georgia. Whether it’s new or old, amateur or established, you will get a hint of everything in this gallery. 

The art is strictly by Georgia artists, and it is breathtaking to see the wall-to-wall art pieces they have on display. They also have a website that gives you a look at some of the pieces before you arrive. You will be able to get an understanding of if this is something you want to see or not.

Art is not for everybody, but if you do decide to go, you will not be disappointed, and if you are a local Georgia artist, it could give you a potential landing ground for your art piece. 

3. Camp Stephens Confederate Camp

Camp Stephens Confederate Camp (Griffin, GA): Address - Tripadvisor
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For those who may not know, Georgia was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War. This is a base name after the vice president of the Confederacy Anthony H. Stephens. It was home to all of the soldiers who were from Georgia and who would go on to fight in the war.

This base can give you an inside look at what life may have been like for the Confederate soldiers showcasing the homes they would have stayed in, along with other forms of training material. Georgia has a unique history when it comes to American history, but all history is good history.

To see a firsthand look at what a Confederate soldier’s life was like could be a good educational moment for you and the family. Make sure to take a look and take a time trip back to 1861.

4. Heads Creek Reservoir

The best thing about small cities is that they give you a chance to escape from the mayhem you can find in big cities. It’s a moment to relax, let loose, and sometimes even do some introspective thinking, and that is nowhere more evident than at the Heads Creek Reservoir.

This 700-acre facility provides a beautiful view and an even better opportunity to grab the family and just relax by the reservoir, which makes up 300 acres of the 700-acre facility.

They are open from 7 am to 7 pm, so whether you want a chance to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this reservoir is at your disposal.

5. Griffins Opera House

Griffin Commercial Historical District
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Opera is a tradition that has been around for centuries. It has been a staple in not only Europe but it has made its way into American markets, and it gets no better than the Griffins Opera House. They host some of the best performances in the state and always hold true to the older customs.

Take a seat in a building that was built in the 1800s and see how the staff has worked to keep the building looking brand new while still holding on to its 1800 roots. It will be a blast from the past, not just in the decor but also in the performances.

Art is beautiful, whether it is painting or singing. Take a seat to see these wonderful performances and see how opera has been able to stand the test of time and remain a popular medium. 

6. Ole Mill Range Complex

If you need some way to blow off some steam, then you can find that release at Ole Mill Range Complex. This airgun range provides the perfect scene for some safe, enjoyable fun.

It operates as a training ground as well for those who shoot airguns professionally, so you will have the chance to look at people who do this for a living and maybe even pick up a few tips. For some, the idea of guns is off-putting, but what Oil Mill Range tries to do is to provide a safe environment.

They set up rules and guidelines to make sure no one gets hurt and to prevent anyone from getting out of control with the guns. If ever there was a time to try an airgun out, it would be at this facility. You will not be disappointed, and maybe you will pick up a new favorite hobby.

7. Cherokee Rose Sporting Clay

Again, the main theme when it comes to Griffins is calmness and tradition. What Cherokee Rose Sporting Clay is doing is once again a fun, stress-relieving experience. Built in 1981, to this day it is seen as one of the premier sporting clay facilities in all of the U.S. It’s known for offering its shooters a variety of different terrain, so not only are you blowing off steam with the shooting but also getting a look into the beauty that Griffins has to offer with its 124-acre property.

With their excellent equipment and top-tier customer service, their aim is to provide a memorable experience and they hope to keep the tradition of shooting clay alive and well for as long as possible.

Some may not know what it is, but they will be more than glad to show you and hopefully make you a fan of this long-running sport. They also offer competitive events too, so whether you want to participate or lay witness to how the pros do it, you can find it at Cherokee Rose Sporting Clay. Bring the family and enjoy the environment because it will be a moment you will never forget. 


Griffins, Georgia is a small city that holds true to its roots. Walking through the city is like jumping in a time machine to the 1800s, but that is what makes the experience all the better. We get so lost in our modern conventions that it can get overwhelming and distract us.

What walking around in a city that truly embraces the 1800s does is give off a vibe of calmness. It gives you a chance to put down the phones, the computers, and really soak in the atmosphere, and, of course, it’s Georgia, so it always comes with a level of southern hospitality.

The people there are welcoming, the food is amazing, and the atmosphere makes you wonder why people choose to live in the big city. It is a special place that really helps you recharge the batteries, appreciate what you have, and appreciate the past. Griffins, Georgia is the place to be, and you won’t be disappointed in putting it on your bucket list of places to go. 

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