8 Things to Do in Hamilton, NJ

Hamilton New Jersey sign

A town in New Jersey, Hamilton, has an estimated population of 92,297 based on a 2020 census. It can be found in Mercer County, east of the city of Trenton. 

With it being along the northeast coast, it is known for its temperatures being more on the colder side,  usually staying below 50 degrees. 

It has an older population, with much of its current construction projects being geared toward the baby boomers that make up most of its population. This is probably why it remains one of the safest areas in the whole country, ranking 16th out of over 300 cities surveyed. Yet this aging city provides good quality time for the family. Its hidden secrets are what make it stand out from any Los Angeles or Miami. They provide interesting events and things to see that will make your experience one to remember for the long haul. 

This article will give you an overview of the 8 things to add to your bucket list when you go to Hamilton, New Jersey.

1. Sayen Botanical Garden

Sayen Botanical Garden

Now it could not be a quiet small town if there was not a botanical garden around. This 30-acre garden is filled with an assortment of flowers that can make any nature lover fall in love all over again. It even has historical records spread throughout the garden to give you an insight into not only the garden but the surrounding area.

The garden even tries to outdo itself on Mothers Day, when it holds a special event. Putting on a display of more than 250,000 flower bulbs and adding them along various walkways, bridges, and fountains. It’s a moment that you and your mother, or just simply your family, can share, and take pictures and have them live on forever. 

2. Veterans Park

Speaking of places to walk around and get a good view. Veterans Park is a beautiful park that actually is Hamilton’s largest park and is home to the largest playground in the state. This park consists of not only a playground but a skate park, a lake, a dog park, a tennis court, and so much more. In total, this park is 333 – acres. It is also home to monuments that are attributed to the men and women that fought for this country. 

During the Fourth of July, they host a fireworks show, so it may be a good idea to go around this time to enjoy this experience. 

3. Legendary Exotics

Legendary Exotics
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If you have the desire or the adrenaline to go fast, then Legendary Exotics is the place to go. They play host to several top model cars, like the Ferrari or Lamborghini, and provide you with a driving experience that will leave your body shaking. You will not want to let go of the wheel after you get out of one of these cars. 

Started by car enthusiasts whose main goal is to give anyone the opportunity to drive high-end cars. Legendary exotics will give you the keys to these cars, and certain packages give you the chance to switch out to a different car at designated checkpoints. They know how to make a vacation a good time and what people like. Fast cars on a sunny, clear sky day and letting your hair fly with the fun, how could you go wrong. Make sure to give them a peak and have fun. 

4. Cloak and Dagger Escape Room

Cloak and Dagger Escape Room hamilton

Even when it is not Halloween, you can still have Halloween-themed adventures. That’s what the Cloak and Dagger Escape Room hope to provide. The name implies it all; it’s a building that encompasses several rooms, all with different themes and different storylines. Your objective for the course is to take those hints given to you and find a way out within a certain timeframe.

The various colors, paintings, and themes combine to make a marvelous experience. It’s great for kids to have little adventures, run around and really put their minds to the test. Take a look inside and see if you can escape this maze of a building. 

5. Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture recovers from shutdown, death of founder
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Worshipping and building sculptures is not just something the Romans or the Greeks did. This is a practice that still exists today and still holds the same beauty as before, and no one puts this display on better than Grounds for Sculpture. This forty-two-acre facility is a non-profit park whose true aim is to showcase art by old and new artists from all over.

With its plot of more than 270 pieces, these museums offer a lot to the imagination when it comes to sculpture art. They also offer performances, eating, and shopping areas, so it can make a good place for you and your family to get lost for a day. Take a look into the world of sculpture and see why the Romans and Greeks loved them so much. 

6. Civil War and Native American museum

Now that we have looked at some art, the next thing to do would be to learn some history. The great thing about visiting new areas is the new opportunities to learn new things. Hamilton offers their own look at the history of the Civil War and Native American history. Showcasing the battles that took place, along with New Jersey’s own personal involvement in the war.

Then, when it comes to Native American history, they give you a glimpse into the different tribes and battles that took place throughout their history, along with the role they played when the settlers came ashore. Hamilton and New Jersey have a special place in history when it comes to the civil war and Native Americans. Take the time to stop by this museum and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

7. Arm and hammer park

Nothing is better than a day to catch up on some baseball. Baseball is one of America’s longest-running sports, and its popularity has stayed consistent throughout the last century. You can not go wrong with grabbing a hot dog, a soft drink, taking a seat, and watching a player hit it out of the park. The Arm and Hammer is home to the minor league team, Trenton Thunder. They play here throughout the summer, so nothing but sunny skies and baseball.

Although they are not a major league team, the atmosphere and the fun remain the same. Watch the team win or yell at an umpire for a call you deem wrong. Either way, you will have a good time. The other advantage, of it being home to a minor league team is that the tickets will be inexpensive. So, grab your hot dog, baseball cap, and “play ball.”

8. Catch a Rising Star

Everybody loves to laugh, and if they say they don’t, they are lying. Catching a comedy show at Catch a Rising Star is the best way to get a laugh. The name implies they host amateur acts, but on occasion, they’ll throw in a higher profile act to shift things up.

They also have a partnership with an organization dedicated to helping traveling comedians cover their health insurance costs because they understand how challenging it can be. This club understands the struggles of comedians, so they know when they host a show they must also do the most for their customers.

The other extra perk they offer is that they provide training for comedians. So if you ever want to test out your comedy skills and see where you stack up with the all-time greats then head off to Catch a Rising Star. But regardless of what your purpose is, it is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face as you walk out the door. 


At face value, Hamilton may look like a quiet town for retired people to settle into their older lives, but that is far from true. It is littered with culture, education, and fun activities. It keeps the population on their toes, and because the population is small compared to most cities, it allows for more public celebrations.

They hold festivals and carnivals for residents and tourists alike. They make sure that when you arrive, you second guess going back. Hamilton may not jump to the top of people’s considerations when they think of vacation spots, but it should.

Its reputation for being a safe city, its smaller, more intimate population, and its emphasis on culture and history, make it a beautiful spot that will leave you shocked that you didn’t know about it before.